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The 12 Powerful Words – These words that are commonly used on standardized test stump students when taking standardized test. These words can confuse students and result in wrong answers when the student may have known the information. By using these words daily students can better understand what each question means, become familiar with words that require higher order thinking skills, relieve test anxiety, and will boost their academic achievement.

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The 12 Powerful Words
Trace: To list in steps. (Example: Trace the history of the development of the airplane
from the Wright Brother’s first flight to modern airplanes. Make a timeline.
Analyze: To break apart and inspect closely. (Example: Analyze the
math problem and show all your work.)
Infer: To “read between the lines” or think beyond the text. (Example: You read a mystery story and figure out the mystery from the clues)
Evaluate: To judge something. (Example: I evaluated your book report and gave it an A+!)
Formulate: To create. (Example: Formulate a plan to deal with the huge amount of trash our school generates.)
To tell all about something. (Example: Tell what your desk looks like. Include lots of details so the reader can form a correct mental picture of the desk in their mind. )
Support: To back up an answer with details. (Example: If you say that a character in a book is evil, give reasons to back up your answer)
Explain: Tell how something happened. (Example: Tell what happened during lunch today that you got in trouble for)
Summarize: Give the short version of an event. (Example: Write what the book was about in a paragraph. Tell only the most important details)
Compare: To tell all the ways things are alike. (Example: How are cars and trucks the same?)
Contrast: To tell all the ways things are different. (Example: How are cars and trucks different?)
Predict: To take your best guess on what will happen next. (Example: I wonder if? Will this… What will happen next in the story?)

Printable 12 Power Words with Student Friendly Descriptions
Printable 12 Power Word Cards
Printable 12 Power Matching Cards Set 1
Printable 12 Power Matching Cards Set 2
Printable 12 Powerful Matching Cards Set 3


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