Join the Tribe, be part of my community

Join the Tribe, be part of my community! In one of my last post I asked you (the reader of this post) to help me write a book. I invited you to be a part of the tribe, to be a part of the community. After all it takes a village to raise a child. So are you in?

Help me write a book – join the Tribe, be a part of the community!
My goal is to help my daughter continue to learn about life, money, goals, priority and more. Sure I have a catchy title for my book (check out the cover I have been playing with and the title). But I want this to be more. I want you to be a part of the process. It would be a pleasure to hear from you and possibly add into the book some of your ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

Join the tribe – because I need the help. Honest.
I know I started writing about this just yesterday but I want to stay focused. And I really want to have you be a part of this. The last book I wrote was for children (to be honest I was writing for my kids so the passion was to teach them). My current book (if I write it) is for my nineteen-year-old daughter (who is co-author by the way) and I want it to be more than just for her. I want the book to be for every little girl out there. Not being sexist or selective but the truth is – women have a glass ceiling to break and woman struggle with the misconception of not needing to know how to manage money because their princess’ – let the man take care of you. (not with my little girl and it shouldn’t be with any little girl.)

Now, this is not to say I am excluding young men (boys). I have a son and a daughter – they are both precious and important to me. If you have read some of my post, you know that I talk to him about money, becoming a YouTube start (as in thinking outside the box when it comes to success). But, my fist born was my little princess, she is the one who is on a journey. Her first steps into the real world and dad simply wants to make sure his little princess becomes an awesome take charge Queen.

Join the Tribe, be part of my community!

In my previous post I offered anyone who subscribes to my blog, comments and offers ideas, stories and thoughts will get a signed copy of the book (if written and published). I need to make one small stipulation. Since I am not rich and cannot afford to give away millions, well hundreds – ok, a few books out for free (hey it depends on how many of you join the tribe!). I am going to have to add in there that: if you subscribe, comment and share thoughts, ideas and stories. If your thoughts, story or comment is used in the book, you will get a free signed by co-authors copy (you pay for the shipping and handling – sorry). Is that fair? Let me know below.

Oh, and please do share this with a friend on Facebook. Thank You.

Still playing with title idea…
help me write a book

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