5 Best Apps for English language learners

5 Best Apps for English language learners: Well, the school year has begun and I am off and running. New students, new adventures and some interesting new information. Our school deals with several students who need extra help in learning and practicing the English language. So we are always on the lookout for new exciting and interesting ways to motivate our English language learners.

Listed below I have 5 of the best Apps – ALL FREE, for English language learners. Go ahead and check them out. If you are bilingual and your child requires a bit of help or you just want your child to excel, practice at home and learn while being entertained. This is the best way I know how to do that.

5 Best Apps for English language learners

Bitsboard, has beautiful photos with vocabulary words in different categories. It even allows students to record their voices. Bitsboard contains games like Memory and Bingo, as well as many others. The free version of Bitsboard contains five categories: action words, emotions, exotic animals, famous places, and first sentences. Bitsboard Pro was chosen the best educational learning game and flashcards app in 2016 by Teachers With Apps.

Best Apps for English language learners

Preschool through 3rd Grade
Starfall.com is a website for preschool through 3rd grade English language learners, as well as young native English language speakers. The free Starfall ABC app replicates just the ABC part of its website and includes graphic and audio elements, and is interactive and fun.

Keba! English for Kids (ESL) is a free app. It has three categories of lessons: animals, children, and fruits and vegetables. Each category has several subcategories of lessons that integrate audio, animation, and photos. This makes the app very engaging and comprehensible for young learners.

3nd through 6th grade
Duolingo is also free language learning app. Duolingo integrates speaking, listening, reading, and writing. It also contains photos with audio in order to ensure that content is comprehensible. The lessons increasingly advanced as learner’s progress at their own pace. Duolingo now allows teachers to create class accounts, assignments.

Brainpop ESL Now offers a mobile app! Although its free its content is limited, because of the high quality of the content and the popularity Brainpop has with elementary and middle school students. The app and website include 18 engaging lessons which include video, vocabulary words, flash cards, and a grammar lesson, with a quiz.


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