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There are five ways to make money. These five ways are simple, easy and for FREE. No tricks, no hassles I am not selling you a three part or one year course on how to make money. This is free and while in no way am I saying that work, hard work is not involved – it can be done. I am simply offering – for free, 5 ways to make money of which I am doing myself.

Made $10K in one month
Testimonial, people always want proof. Well – I am not going to say I have millions because I don’t. What I can say is. I have made money, as in thousands from learning a simple rule or trick. I was a Realtor in the boom days of real estate and I wanted to make money, and as a Realtor I was not making money. I went to my local library and I checked out a book that I thought was meant to teach me how to be a great Realtor and therefor make more money. I found out that I could be an investor and it could be done with no money out of pocket. I had been burned before so it took me three months of me trying to work this out because I was so afraid of messing up and not just afraid of losing money but losing my license. After checking my list twice, slowly doing things I eventually made $10,000 dollars with no money out of my pocket. So what did I do next, well I did another deal and another deal and then the real estate market burst. But it taught me something important – anything is possible.
My point is that money can be made, with ease, with no money or very little money and it can be done by you, me and even a nine year old. Don’t believe me, do a google search on the boy who made $100,000 dollars with just a cardboard arcade he created at his father’s car garage. Or maybe look up Evan who has a YouTube channel that rakes in millions (as reported in 2013 – 2016). The point here is that if you look, you will find people who prove that what was once thought impossible – is possible.

The Truth – people always want the testimonial like as if me having millions of dollars is a sure way that they will make money. Let me give you a clue: just because a guy stands next to a lambo does not mean he owns a lambo. A few years back I rented an SUV and drove to New York for a two week vacation. I looked the part, but I did not own the car. This is why people buy so many crappy products because they think the person selling them a product has money. No, he or she has money because they are selling you on the idea they have money. They’re just waiting on you to buy their product so they can take your money.
So I am not going to spend my time trying to convince you this works – do the research, try it for yourself (baby steps) and see if it can be done.

5 Ways to make money for FREE

5 ways to Make Money #1: Learn how to manage your money.
What, this is not how to make money? Oh but you are wrong, this is how it all starts. Chances are that you are an average person looking for ways to make money because you feel like you don’t have enough. Well, it could be that the problem lies in how you manage your money.

In the beginning years of my married life we were always struggling financially. I mean we went through a lot of $H!+ if I may say. But after many years I learned that my biggest problem was not how much money I made but rather where my money was being spent. You could say I was foolish in many ways. I did learn how to better manage my money and I learned an interesting trick. I read a book and learned that I can have the bank pay me for doing what I normally did every day of my life.

After I fixed my credit and had money in the bank, the bank offered – I did not ask for, but was offered a credit card. The card came with a bunch of bells and whistles but one in particular was the rewards system. We have all heard of it – you use the card and we (bank) rewards you with points to purchase items or give you cash back. What did I do? Well, I put everything on my card. My electric bill, my grocery shopping, my cell phone, my gas, everything (as much as I could) went on the credit card. Then every two weeks I would pay off as much as I could to avoid interest or have as little interest as possible. Why was this good? It was good because every month my reward system would deposit $25 cash into my bank account. That was free money because I was only using the card to purchase items I normally purchased any way.

So while learning how to manage your money doesn’t sound exciting – it can be beneficial in so many ways.
If you are looking for a good way to learn how to manage your money, so that you can make money try this eBook – it’s a free book in a PDF format.
Guide to Budgeting | by Dave Ramsey

5 ways to Make Money #2: Learn to pay you first.
As a person of faith one of the most difficult things I had to deal with was paying my tithes to the church. When you’re struggling to make ends meat and you have to decide whether to buy food or pay the light bill – it doesn’t help to have your wife say “Don’t forget to pay 10% to the church”. If that is not bad enough, you have your spiritual leader shouting from the rooftop that money is evil and that you should always pay God first.
So my second money making tip is – learn how to pay yourself first.

For those of you who are spiritual, when I say pay yourself first I mean pay your tithes first then pay yourself – then live within the remainder of what you have. An interesting man by the name of Jim Rohn’s taught that you should never spend more than 70% of your money. That to become financially wealthy, which he was, you need to give 10% to charity, 10% to investing, 10% to self-improvement and the remaining 70% was for living. He believed in paying yourself because if you didn’t, everyone knows that at the end of the month there is never enough. As the saying goes “there is always more month than there is money”.

In either case make it a point to put money aside for yourself – be it to invest, to save, whatever it is, pay yourself and do not touch it. How does this help you make money you ask? Well, I am sure that like most people, you have found yourself with a great opportunity but no ability (money) to act upon it. In order to make money you sometimes have to have money.

Another good tip you will get from Dave Ramsey is that you should have an emergency fund. You know, for those moments when the fridge breaks and it has to be replaced. Don’t take the retirement money or use the investing money – have an emergency fund. This way you are prepared for those unexpected expenses.

If you’re looking for some interesting tips on how to pay yourself first or how to make money from your bank read the following free PDF: Ramit Sethi wrote an interesting book and I bring it up because I read it. I found a few things I didn’t like, didn’t think were worth wild but I did implement a few strategies that have worked well for me.
One such tip was automating my bills and paying me first.
I Will Teach You To Be Rich | by Ramit Sethi / free chapter

5 ways to Make Money #3: Think outside the box.
If you want to make money you have to follow two paths. One path is the tried and true path, the conventional method. You go to work, be it a job, a career or your own business. The other path is to make money by doing it the unconventional way. For years we have read about all these new millionaires that were created from the tech boom. While some people fear technology, others have embraced it and they are making money in some very unconventional ways. I am sure you have heard about teens, children and adults alike who are making money online. All you have to do is an extensive Google search and you will find that people have been making large sums of money online. In fact, people have been making money from Twitter, Instagram, mobile apps, vines and other forms.

We need to think outside the box and summon the courage and the fortitude to act.

For twenty years I held in my possession the well-known book written by Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich. I was given this book when I went to visit a business opportunity as a freshman in college (It was given to me by one of the MLM presenters), sadly I never read it. At least not until I was thirty seven years old and I didn’t read it cover to cover. I didn’t join the MLM business; I was too afraid and too shy to sell products door to door. I am sure the business collapsed a long time ago but the book is truly inspiring and can open your mind to opportunities you probably thought were not possible.

When I finally got around to reading the entire book, I learned how foolish I had been. What little I had learned about money, the power of mind over matter, the strength of will and perseverance – I could have learned at the age of nineteen. It would have saved me a world of trouble. I would have tried harder in so many other areas of my life. I would have given more, done more and possibly achieved more if I would have read the book, opened my mind to the possibilities and have been prepared for all of the booms that came along in my life time.

You have to think outside the box. You have to learn new things and you have to read. I read a book and it showed me how to make real estate deals with no money down. It was 2006 and I was able to take that knowledge and turn it into thousands of dollars. So this tip is about starting a business. Start investing, creating, and start looking for different ways to make money. You don’t need to make thousands of dollars right away – just start taking baby steps. Start with an extra ten dollars a month, then one hundred and move on to two, then three hundred a month. Eventually you may do more and who knows it may become a windfall of money.
Here are three interesting eBook’s (PDF) that you can read for free.
Think & Grow Rich | Napoleon Hill

How to Make Money Blogging | Crystal Paine ( Money Saving Mom )

How to make money with YouTube | Brad and Debra Schepp

Rich Dad Poor Dad / What the RICH teach their kids about MONEY- that the poor and middle class DO NOT! | By Robert T. Kiyosaki

5 ways to Make Money #4: Sometimes secrets are good.
With this money making tip I want you to consider two things. Believe it or not this is actually very important when it comes to making money. Trust me, secrecy is of up-most importance.

Reason one for secrecy: people will not understand what you are doing and they will try to talk you out of it. For good reasons or for bad reasons people will try to stop you. Some may even say they will help you and without realizing it – bang, they become the opposition. Why does this happen? It’s simple, they do not have the same mindset as you. The old saying comes to mind. Birds of a feather flock together. It reminds me of what my father-in-law would do to me every time I talked about making money. My in-law is a very religious man and every time I talked about success and money he would bring out the old money is evil speech. His motto was that you worked hard, saved money and gave as much as you could to help others. It’s not like he was saying anything bad – but it wasn’t helping either. When he found out that I had made $10,000 dollars in real estate, the first thing he did was convince me to spend it. Oh, fix this, do that, and to give to the poor. He never once said to re-invest a portion of it. When it was gone, he then proceeded to act surprise to find that I had spent all the money.
So keep it a secret and only talk to people who have the same kind of goals and mentality.

Reason two for secrecy: Sometimes good ideas have a habit of coming few and sparse apart. And the challenge comes in keeping others from stealing your idea and becoming competitors or simply telling others about your idea and creating bad word of mouth. We have all been guilty of this. You have a friend or an acquaintance that starts selling jewelry or scarfs and the next thing you know two or three people are selling the same thing – it wouldn’t be so bad if they lived in other towns but they work in your office for crying out loud.
So in order to make the best of things and avoid nay-sayers or the copycat syndrome, keep things quiet. Share it only when you have everything in place or if it is necessary to do so to get your plan into action. After all, loose lips do sink ships. I learned this from a manager I had. He knew the plant was closing down and in every meeting he was sending us signals, giving us subtle warnings, but we (I) didn’t listen. When they let him go, he had already started a business of his own and had several clients. When they let me and the rest of the floor crew go, we all went to the unemployment line. If he had shared with us what he was doing, he would have probably gotten the boot a lot sooner. But he didn’t, so he was able to succeed where the rest of us failed.

5 ways to Make Money #5: Start something today.
I am sure you are wondering where are my five business, or list of twenty business you can start today. And I could probably give you a list of 100 or 200 businesses you can start – but you can do that with a simple Google search. Besides I believe that only you know what will work best for you. I have no clue what your talents are, your hobbies, your knowledge or if after reading this you even want to start a business. What I do know is that if you want to make money, you have to have your own business. Call it what you will. I have heard people call it, business or your own money making machine. I have even heard people say – money making system. Whatever the case may be you need to start today.
This money making tip is to help you get started. It took me twenty years to build up the knowledge and the courage to find interesting ways to make money. I wish I had started sooner. This is also to help you understand that Rome was not built in a day. If anyone promises you a deal “Make thousands or millions in a month” consider running the other way. Every business, online or made of brick and mortar took time to build up. Businesses are not considered successful until they have survived for five years and even then they are not considered successful until they have many more years under their belt. The same goes for you – you will start and you may not make any money at first, I know I didn’t. But with time, skill, knowledge and luck it will happen.

I remember my first blog, I thought I was going to make a boat load of money. Everyone was promising thousands of dollars – all you had to do was put ads on your blog. Guess what, I didn’t make a penny, not one penny. Then I found a company that would help me and I started making pennies – but when I reached $50 they banned me and never paid me my money. Oh you do not know the half of the horror stories I could tell you. But then it happened, I got smart, started doing things better, and money started coming in. Sure it was not thousands but it was coming in. Like I love to tell my children – I make money even while I sleep. Isn’t that grand!

Find what works for you and work it. There are a hundred and one ways to make money online, off line, in a small business. I had a company contact me wanting to know if I wanted to join their photo stock program. All I had to do was take great pictures and they would find companies who would pay to use it. There are hundreds of ways of making money, you simply need to do the necessary work and have the patience to make it happen.

ways to make money free eBooks


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