Cool Thing About Cat Pee – more fun Facts

Cool thing about cat pee! My goal in creating The FWE News is to motivate learning by bringing interesting fun facts to you our loyal YouTube listeners (please Subscribe – We would appreciate it). Sorry, where was I? We want you to be amazed and intrigued and then to go on google and do some research. Because learning is fun.

Cool thing about cat pee

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So what about cat pee makes it so cool? Well didn’t you see the video?

Does cat pee glow in the dark? Well, yes and no. Glow in the dark no. However, it is true that cat urine glows under a black light. Nevertheless, so does dog urine, human urine, and many other high protein content fluids.

I know what you are thinking. Is that how they make glow in the dark glasses and stuff? Don’t think so? Google it, I am sure they will have an answer for that.

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Fun Fact Question

Here is a question, see if you can guess. True or false.

Can water freeze and boil at the same time?

Wow, that is a tough one! If you know the answer, leave it down below in the comment section.

You have to be asking yourself: But how can water get hot enough to boil and at the same time be cold enough to freeze?

Water freeze and boil at same time

It has be done! It is called the ‘triple point’, and it occurs when the temperature and pressure is just right for the three phases (gas, liquid, and solid) of a substance to coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium. This video shows cyclohexane in a vacuum.

Triple point –
A volumetric flask containing liquid cyclohexane is depressurized to a very low pressure by a turbomolecular vacuum pump. The rapid drop in pressure results in a rapid drop in temperature, causing the substance to temporarily freeze, but the system is unstable, flirting with the triple point (a point of pressure and temperature at which a substance is simultaneously solid, liquid, and gas).

The result is a fluctuation between all three states of matter, in a rather stunning display of chemistry and physics in action.
see video here


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