Be Wild Fred Wild – You have to see this.

Be Wild Fred Wild: Teachers using funny videos to teach important lessons. I think They did a wonderful job and some made me pee my pants (I mean LOL). Check out the Be Wild Fred Wild videos down below and do leave a comment.

Be Wild Fred Wild

I love the way they changed the meaning of being wild. I hear them say – let’s be wild and I think instinctively think the student is doing something wrong. But in this case the wild actually means being something you think is wild – like actually behaving. In either case the teachers did an awesome job. See more funny “Be Wild Fred Wild” videos below.

Be Wild in Hallways

Be Wild on School Bus

Wild in Bathrooms??

I loved the way he just invites us into the bathroom like it’s some place we want to go with him. However, I did almost have a heart attack when he climbed onto the urinal. I was thinking like “Great now you gave them the idea to do that!” But he told me that in the middle school he worked at they did much worse than that.

Be Wild in Lunchroom

Now with this one I have personal experience with. I have lunch duty and I have seen how student can get wild, crazy and ludicrous. Food tends to magically fly across the lunch room and no one knows who threw it. Kids will decide they have to go to the bathroom and never come back. And yes, the wonderful share box “Can I have something to eat?” (You just ate three peanut butter jelly sandwiches, two milks, and you want more?)

I hope you enjoyed the “Be Wild Fred Wild” videos – it was a pleasure sharing them with you. If you would please be so kind to share them with others and leave a comment below. We would truly appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by. And remember “BE WILD!”

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