How To Rapidly Build YouTube Following

Build YouTube Following: Now who does not want to do that. I have been researching how to improve my YouTube following and I ran across this. I am seriously looking into it. YouTube is a money maker but that is only if you have a large following and the skills to do it.

“Why should I listen to you?”

Good question. Clark Kegley has made over 500+ videos over last six years. His channel has over 70,000 subscribers (growing at 13,000+ month) and brings in thousands of dollars per month for him while he sleeps. Pretty sweet deal, right? It wasn’t always this sweet.. He struggled for years figuring out why his channel couldn’t grow. He says: I was sick of seeing other channels grow faster than me, despite the fact that they weren’t as good as mine! After years of struggling, I’m happy to say I have cracked the YouTube success formula and it is now what I teach my one on one coaching clients that are also getting massive results. These are the same methods I will reveal in this course. Learn More

How To Rapidly Build YouTube Following

“I’ve heard you can’t make money though YouTube unless you have millions of subscribers”

Wrong. You will learn backend monetization tactics that I used to 10x my monthly income. For example, If ad revenue is paying you $200/mo there is no reason why you couldn’t make $750 – $2,500+ per month using the monetization methods I’ll show you in this course. On an average month I will make $5,000+ and only $1.3k is from YouTube ad revenue.
If interested: Rapidly Build YouTube Following – Learn More

“Does this course work for complete beginners with little or no experience?”

Absolutely! I will take you by the hand and guide you step by step how to produce videos with gear you probably already have. You will also get complete tutorials on how to light, set up, edit, and upload your videos!

“What happens if YouTube goes away after I put years of work into my channel?”

In module eight we talk about specific ways to bring your audience onto any platform you choose. That means you will have an army of fans who will follow you to whatever platform you choose. You will also learn how to set up income streams non dependent on YouTube so even IF YouTube goes away, your hard work still pays off.

“What if I buy your course and already know everything in there? Can’t I find everything on the internet already?”

Then I don’t want your money! If you honestly feel there’s nothing new in this course or no additional value to be added to your channel, that’s fine! I only want to teach work with people who are driven. That’s why this course has a full 60-day money back guarantee. No questions asked (I will mention here that previous courses I’ve taught have refund rate as low as 2%).

Rapidly Build YouTube Following – Click Here to learn more

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Is Stealing Good? How to become a Millionaire

My mother was shocked, heartbroken and disappointed – as well as conflicted. She was dismayed and hurt to find out that her sweet innocent little boy was stealing from her. The disappointment in her voice, in her face – “How could you do this?” I did not feel guilt, I felt hurt. I saw the how I had hurt her and it pain me to have let her down. However, there was also this conflicted sense about her – she wanted to punish me, to reprimand me but there was more to this than I was not aware of. You see she had mixed feelings because she was angry yet grateful.

How could you steal from me? I taught you better! Where did I go wrong? Is how she felt and what she said. However, what I did not know was the struggle my mom was facing. She had exhausted all her resources, all her avenues. My mother had no money, no credit, none of the local “bodega’s” (corner shops) would allow her to purchase food on store credit (if you are poor and live in the city you are familiar with “in store credit”). She was at her wits end and was just about ready to give up.

She was conflicted because though it was wrong her little boy to steal money from her. It was wrong to steal period. Yet somehow, she was dealing with feeling happy and relieved. She was happy because she could now purchase food for her children. Relieved that she can now supply the necessities of life – this gave her hope. She had mixed feelings, she wanted to be angry but the coins her little boy stole from her relieved her of her stress. Angry I stole money from her purse but happy she could now feed her children.

In the end, my mother grounded me for two weeks. No T.V., no games, no fun – I was confined to my room. Expected to reflect upon the errors of my ways. This in turn left me conflicted. I learned that it was I, my coins – even though stolen from my mother. My coins had saved the day. The security I had placed in my coins had paid off. That my actions – stealing, in fact turned out to be the best thing I had ever done in my young life.

Is Stealing Good

My collection of stolen coins were worth about forty-five dollars. My mother used these stolen coins to purchase enough food to hold us up (to eat) until our government funds came in. It allowed my mom to breath, it gave her space, and room to hold on. It may have even possibly saved my mother from doing something she would have regretted. For what mother would not do the impossible and unthinkable to protect her children. So how is it possible that I did something wrong?

Is stealing good?
No – stealing is not good.
“What? But your whole story is about how stealing was a good thing?” Is what you are probably thinking.

I in no way, shape or form, do I advocate for stealing. Stealing is wrong. When I say stealing is good – I mean that you should steal from yourself.
Are you confused? It’s OK. Let me explain.

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Stealing is Good – How to Grow Rich / working on my Book

The funny thing is considering how poor we were I somehow believed my mother would not notice any of the coin missing from her purse. Whether she overlooked it, or did not noticed, I will never know. However after some time I had accumulated a large collection of coins.

Like a scene with Ebenezer Scrooge or from Duck Tales with Scrooge McDuck, there I sat hidden away in my room intensely staring at shinny coins. I would not count them, I honestly had no clue how much money I had (stolen). I simply played with it, stacked it up, quarters upon quarters, nickels and dimes stacked as high as they can go. Thinking back now, I find it odd that I never stole a single penny from my mother’s purse. Oh but how I did love the way the coins shimmered in the light. How the metal coins felt in my hands and enjoyed the sound they made when I toppled over my nice neat stack of coins.

You must be wondering, was it greed? Was it avarice, the love of money? No, it was not. It simply was an innocent child’s need for security. I was poor; my family was poor. There were times we were unsure – meaning to say that my mother did not have to share the obvious, the bare cabinets and almost empty fridge spoke volumes. Of course, I am certain that for my mother, she believed she was quietly baring the burden of not knowing where our next meal was coming from – if she was going to be able to feed her children.

I did not seek the money out to lord it over any of my friends. Nor did I shared this secret with any one. I didn’t go out to buy a stash of candy with it. Certainly I could have, there was a small local corner store down the street from our apartment. I did not even know how much I had accumulated (stolen). I simply enjoyed the security it offered me. Money I had, therefor I was not poor – with a child’s mind, I perceived it as safety. I was innocent and ignorant. I did not know what to do with it, but I knew these stolen coins gave me a sense of security.

At one point, the amount of coins, I had stolen from my mother’s purse had grown to a large amount. I feared it would be found and confiscated – stolen. Therefore, I in my child like thinking devised a plan. Several months back my older sister had kicked open my bedroom door leaving a large gaping hole. The lower panel of the wooden door was broken and repaired, by placing two aluminum metal sheets on both sides. Says a lot about where we lived doesn’t it. Nevertheless, this gave me an idea.

I figured that if I could somehow unscrew the cover from my side of the room. In between these two sheets of metal, I could store my stolen coins, like a bank. I could secure my shinny coins in a safe place as well as have easy access to it. It was ingenious of me and I was proud of myself.

One day after spending too much time playing with my coins alone in my room. This behavior made my older sister suspicious of me. Wanting to know (or take) what I was doing she insisted I let her in. Being the impatient type, she once again kicked in the door. You can only imagine the odd loud noise it made as coins bounced around clanging about as metal hit metal. This of course led me sister to call the authorities – my mom.

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Stealing is Good – Become wealthy – Working on my Book

Stealing is Good. Yes, that is correct; I said, “Stealing is Good”. In fact, you should steal as much as you can, as often as you can, on a regular basis.
Oh! Just in case you did not know – I am a devout Christian. And as we Christians like to say: “Verily I say” stealing is good!

What do I mean by this? Have I fallen off the wagon? Have I lost my way? No, I have not. So let me explain what I mean by sharing a childhood experience.

Stealing is Good

My family was poor. When I say poor I mean poor, there were times that food was scarce. Though we had government assistance (known by my generation as – Welfare), we found ourselves many times scraping to get by. The government assistance would come in once a month – the beginning of the month was a blessing. The thing is that government assistance was always just barely enough. This meant that if things went bad we were scraping by at the end of the month.

Let me be clear – my mother in no way was mismanaging the funds. The fact is that she stretched that just enough to feed seven children, of which one was extremely disabled and sickly. Let me not fail to mention that my father had abandoned his family, his wife, his home – to take care of someone else’s children and that is all I will mention about my father.

Have you ever heard the phrase “I have too much month”, that was the existence we lived. At the end of the month is was our normal, to find our poor family struggling to get by – to survive. I remember that it was not until I was a teen that I noticed that mom ate last not because she was not hungry. It was because she was not eating. She would make certain that we all were feed before she even considered eating. It broke my heart when I realized that mom was skinny and frail because she was not eating while we as children fought each other over the last piece of chicken.

When I was about five to six years old I was secretly living out a popular movie – A Christmas story (*) and I was Ebenezer Scrooge. I had somehow noticed that we were poor and I wanted to build wealth, I wanted to be rich because it gave me a sense of security.

There I was stealing small amounts of change from my mother’s purse. Every other day, once a week or every other day or sometimes on a daily basis I was secretly sneaking into my mother’s purse to steal a few coins. I knew it was wrong, that is why I did it behind her back. Quietly I tiptoed into her room and gingerly pocketed a few coins (I stole from my mom). I knew it was wrong and that is why I only took what I believed she would not miss.

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Shark Wardrobe Malfunction – Silly Kids

Shark Wardrobe Malfunction: Nothing like taking the kids, the grown kids to Target. Of course, I can’t blame them, I didn’t want to be there and I am partly to blame.
So here we are at Target and we are looking for a birthday gift for my sons “girl” friend ( a friend that is a girl). We were there to buy a teddy bear and some balloons but we couldn’t find teddy bears. That’s when we got side tracked.

Shark Wardrobe Malfunction

I know. I have terrible parenting skills. How could I be a part of this foolishness… Well easy, I like to enjoy life, have fun with my kids and I am a kid at heart. Yes, not the best explanation or reasoning but it’s Gospel truth.

I can’t help it. It tends to happen – laughing, joking around and having fun with the kids is my thing.
If you think that is bad you should see the picture I have up on my old blog. My son is walking away wearing an army helmet and nothing else but his birthday suit. Yes, I covered his butt so I would not get banned or have some PC nut job go off on me.

My “Shark Wardrobe Malfunction” stunt is just that. Me having fun with my children. It’s what I live for. One day dad will be too old, too tired and possibly – dead and buried. I’ve long lost the desire to live up to others expectations or worry about image. When it’s time to be serious, I am very serious. When there is time to laugh, and joke around (if it doesn’t break the law) I want to have as many funny, silly memories as I possibly can have. Whether I am right or wrong – I want to live life to the fullest.

What do you think? Was my Shark Wardrobe Malfunction video too much? Do you do the same with your children? If you do – would you like to share? I would love to hear all about it.

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