Family Fun Times – Lost Mom in store!

Family Fun Times: Why mom abandoned us in the store – it really is a funny story. It all started with a trip to Marshals to buy a gift for a friends surprised birthday party.

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Family Fun Times – Lost Mom in store

I am not sure if it is family fun times or let’s see how much fun we can have without getting kicked out of the store. Or it could be that we have so much fun because we just have so many embarrassing moments as a family. Normally dear old mom is having a fit. “Stop making a scene… People are watching!” She would angrily whisper even though she smiles and eventually ends up laughing to.

In this particular trip, we were having so much fun we ended up losing mom. My son comes running saying “Mom is not in the store!” and going on about how he can’t find her anywhere.

We Lost Mom

Like I said, we were there to buy a birthday gift for a friend and while me and the kids were off having fun recording our funny video (hope you find it funny… cute, interesting and want to subscribe to our channel). Mom ran into a problem – the birthday girl walks into the store.

Apparently, mom felt the need to scrabble, to run and hide (wish I had gotten that on video). She didn’t want her friend to find out what she was purchasing for her and well – mom tends to over react. Of course, later on we find mom and she is just laughing and giggling as she tries to convince me that I need to purchase this gift without her friend noticing.

No – The purse is not for me …

So here I am, sneaking around the store trying to get to the cash register without her friend noticing me. The funny thing is, I had no clue where her friend was. If you watch my videos and ever wonder why I have a few about our trips to the mall, to Target or Walmart. It is because that is where we have the best family fun times. To be honest – I hate shopping with mom, but having the kids around. It makes it all worth it.

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Technology Parenting Tip: Catch Suspicious Children

Technology Parenting Tip: Is your child doing something online you are suspicious about? Do they close the laptop or chrome book lid when you come by? Are they quickly pecking on the keyboard or turning the screen away from you? You know what I am talking about. How you get that uneasy feeling of, there trying to hide something from me.

Catch Suspicious Children

I know our children are saints – right? Nevertheless, sometimes they do things that just “ain’t” right. Watching YouTube videos instead of doing homework. Far worse than that, visiting websites that they have no business ever visiting.
How do you catch them in the act?
Here is a technology parenting tip you can use – simple and easy. Just watch the video and read below the whopper of a story I have about my son.

Technology Parenting Tip

My son was BUSTED!

We have been going back and forth with my son for some time. We know he is smart and sometimes – he is too smart for his own good. He thinks that because he is smart that he does not need to study. He assumes that because teachers allow him to make up work that he can take his time (turn it in late).

Well, it happen. You know, the prediction, the prophesy dear old dad has been giving him all year long.
“You are going to keep playing games, taking chances and it is going to blow up in your face one day.”

I tried to explain to him that not all teachers are alike. If you play with fire you are going to get burned. That instead of trying to make up work and burning yourself out trying to study at the last minute – just do the work. Do the homework and projects on time – ahead of time. Study a little bit each day and the work becomes easy to manage. Oh but no. He was slick, and he was too smart for that. Then the house of cards came crashing down.

My Teachers Hate Me

The grades started dropping, the teachers started texting, using “remind me” to remind my wife – his mom, that he was failing. Yeah, the SH$T hit the fan. He was so far behind he didn’t realize how bad a hole he was in because he was still thinking he could just make it up somehow.

Of course, the excuse was that his teachers hated him. They were being too strict – a pain. They didn’t want to play his game and it was their fault that he was not getting good grades.

Are you mad son? You have gone crazy if you think I am going to believe that nonsense – is what I was thinking. But I was too tired to hear his excuses. The patient dad went out the window and the dad I warned him about came out. No cell phone, no xBox, no YouTube videos, no going to your friends house – no nothing. Pray that I don’t take food away from you as well.

What? No I’m just studying

So here is where my Technology Parenting Tip came to good use. He is sitting in the dining room table. Now he is supposed to be studying but I do not see any paper with notes – not even a pencil to take notes with. He has ear buds on and when he notices me he conveniently moves the screen away from my view and starts clicking on some keys. Yeah, not going to find that suspicious at all.

So I walk over and ask him what he is doing.
“Oh, I am taking a break from studying.” He says forgetting I was not born yesterday and I can read him like the back of my hand.

I peacefully grabbed the chrome book and I hit the three keys: Ctrl + Shift + T. No surprise to me, every time I hit the keys a tab opened up to YouTube. Granted it was videos about basketball but still – not studying. (* Worse thing my child can do to me is lie to my face.)

Do I look Dumb

So I told him “You do realize I am a tech guy.” He looked at me as if he was surprised. “I fix computers, I stay up to date on technology and here is a technology parenting tip – I know how to find out what you have been doing on your computer.”
His face filled with dread and gloom as it dawned on him – Busted. His sister from across the room yells out “You could have erased your history!” To which I reply – that would have not worked.

Parenting is a full time job and sometimes we as parents have to learn a few good technology parenting tips to keep us ahead of the curve. Because if we let them – our children will play games with us. My belief is, if my children fail, it is not because I failed them. It is because they failed themselves.

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How To Rapidly Build YouTube Following

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How To Rapidly Build YouTube Following

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Absolutely! I will take you by the hand and guide you step by step how to produce videos with gear you probably already have. You will also get complete tutorials on how to light, set up, edit, and upload your videos!

“What happens if YouTube goes away after I put years of work into my channel?”

In module eight we talk about specific ways to bring your audience onto any platform you choose. That means you will have an army of fans who will follow you to whatever platform you choose. You will also learn how to set up income streams non dependent on YouTube so even IF YouTube goes away, your hard work still pays off.

“What if I buy your course and already know everything in there? Can’t I find everything on the internet already?”

Then I don’t want your money! If you honestly feel there’s nothing new in this course or no additional value to be added to your channel, that’s fine! I only want to teach work with people who are driven. That’s why this course has a full 60-day money back guarantee. No questions asked (I will mention here that previous courses I’ve taught have refund rate as low as 2%).

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Is Stealing Good? How to become a Millionaire

My mother was shocked, heartbroken and disappointed – as well as conflicted. She was dismayed and hurt to find out that her sweet innocent little boy was stealing from her. The disappointment in her voice, in her face – “How could you do this?” I did not feel guilt, I felt hurt. I saw the how I had hurt her and it pain me to have let her down. However, there was also this conflicted sense about her – she wanted to punish me, to reprimand me but there was more to this than I was not aware of. You see she had mixed feelings because she was angry yet grateful.

How could you steal from me? I taught you better! Where did I go wrong? Is how she felt and what she said. However, what I did not know was the struggle my mom was facing. She had exhausted all her resources, all her avenues. My mother had no money, no credit, none of the local “bodega’s” (corner shops) would allow her to purchase food on store credit (if you are poor and live in the city you are familiar with “in store credit”). She was at her wits end and was just about ready to give up.

She was conflicted because though it was wrong her little boy to steal money from her. It was wrong to steal period. Yet somehow, she was dealing with feeling happy and relieved. She was happy because she could now purchase food for her children. Relieved that she can now supply the necessities of life – this gave her hope. She had mixed feelings, she wanted to be angry but the coins her little boy stole from her relieved her of her stress. Angry I stole money from her purse but happy she could now feed her children.

In the end, my mother grounded me for two weeks. No T.V., no games, no fun – I was confined to my room. Expected to reflect upon the errors of my ways. This in turn left me conflicted. I learned that it was I, my coins – even though stolen from my mother. My coins had saved the day. The security I had placed in my coins had paid off. That my actions – stealing, in fact turned out to be the best thing I had ever done in my young life.

Is Stealing Good

My collection of stolen coins were worth about forty-five dollars. My mother used these stolen coins to purchase enough food to hold us up (to eat) until our government funds came in. It allowed my mom to breath, it gave her space, and room to hold on. It may have even possibly saved my mother from doing something she would have regretted. For what mother would not do the impossible and unthinkable to protect her children. So how is it possible that I did something wrong?

Is stealing good?
No – stealing is not good.
“What? But your whole story is about how stealing was a good thing?” Is what you are probably thinking.

I in no way, shape or form, do I advocate for stealing. Stealing is wrong. When I say stealing is good – I mean that you should steal from yourself.
Are you confused? It’s OK. Let me explain.

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Stealing is Good – How to Grow Rich / working on my Book

The funny thing is considering how poor we were I somehow believed my mother would not notice any of the coin missing from her purse. Whether she overlooked it, or did not noticed, I will never know. However after some time I had accumulated a large collection of coins.

Like a scene with Ebenezer Scrooge or from Duck Tales with Scrooge McDuck, there I sat hidden away in my room intensely staring at shinny coins. I would not count them, I honestly had no clue how much money I had (stolen). I simply played with it, stacked it up, quarters upon quarters, nickels and dimes stacked as high as they can go. Thinking back now, I find it odd that I never stole a single penny from my mother’s purse. Oh but how I did love the way the coins shimmered in the light. How the metal coins felt in my hands and enjoyed the sound they made when I toppled over my nice neat stack of coins.

You must be wondering, was it greed? Was it avarice, the love of money? No, it was not. It simply was an innocent child’s need for security. I was poor; my family was poor. There were times we were unsure – meaning to say that my mother did not have to share the obvious, the bare cabinets and almost empty fridge spoke volumes. Of course, I am certain that for my mother, she believed she was quietly baring the burden of not knowing where our next meal was coming from – if she was going to be able to feed her children.

I did not seek the money out to lord it over any of my friends. Nor did I shared this secret with any one. I didn’t go out to buy a stash of candy with it. Certainly I could have, there was a small local corner store down the street from our apartment. I did not even know how much I had accumulated (stolen). I simply enjoyed the security it offered me. Money I had, therefor I was not poor – with a child’s mind, I perceived it as safety. I was innocent and ignorant. I did not know what to do with it, but I knew these stolen coins gave me a sense of security.

At one point, the amount of coins, I had stolen from my mother’s purse had grown to a large amount. I feared it would be found and confiscated – stolen. Therefore, I in my child like thinking devised a plan. Several months back my older sister had kicked open my bedroom door leaving a large gaping hole. The lower panel of the wooden door was broken and repaired, by placing two aluminum metal sheets on both sides. Says a lot about where we lived doesn’t it. Nevertheless, this gave me an idea.

I figured that if I could somehow unscrew the cover from my side of the room. In between these two sheets of metal, I could store my stolen coins, like a bank. I could secure my shinny coins in a safe place as well as have easy access to it. It was ingenious of me and I was proud of myself.

One day after spending too much time playing with my coins alone in my room. This behavior made my older sister suspicious of me. Wanting to know (or take) what I was doing she insisted I let her in. Being the impatient type, she once again kicked in the door. You can only imagine the odd loud noise it made as coins bounced around clanging about as metal hit metal. This of course led me sister to call the authorities – my mom.

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