Hyena Laugh at boys and they talk too – Girls Rule

Hyena Laugh at boys. An interesting fun fact about hyena’s. And girls rule! What does that have to do with hyenas? You’ll see. Watch video and read more below.

Hyena Laugh at boys & Talk?

Hyenas, dog or cat? It is the million-dollar question is. Is a hyena in the dog or cat family? How can you even tell?
Hyenas are not members of the dog or cat families. Instead, they are so unique that they have a family all their own, Hyaenidae.
There are four members of the Hyaenidae family: the striped hyena, the “giggly” spotted hyena, the brown hyena, and the aardwolf (it’s a hyena, not a wolf).

Here is an interesting “Girls Rule” animal fun fact. When it comes to hyenas, girls are in charge – they rule the pack – take the lead – own the pack. The female hyena is in charge, Girls rule.

A dominant female rules the roost, and a strict hierarchy descends from there with males at the bottom. Remember our video on the African lion – Lion and its mane. How the female lion did all the hunting and the male lions ate first? Well once hyenas capture prey, males are usually the last to eat and the most bullied around the carcass.

When males reach maturity at around two years old, they escape their clans in search of a new one. However, after they find a potential foster clan, they must work hard to impress the females in order to… Well, let’s just say “make friends”.

Why Hyena Laugh

Here is another interesting fun fact: In less than half an hour, that’s right you heard me – in less than 30 minutes a group of hyena’s can kill a 400-pound zebra and gobble it up, bones, fur and all. They don’t let anything go to waste do they.

If you happen to get close to a pack of hyenas dining on a freshly killed carcass, you will probably hear sounds of laughter. Nevertheless, those are not signs of happiness. Why Hyena Laugh? Most of the time, a spotted hyena’s laugh is in response to agitation or attack.

When a feeding frenzy ensues, hyenas may claw and nip at each other in an effort to get a mouthful of meat. That aggressive behavior incites the laughter like outbursts that we associate with the spotted hyena. Laughter is only just one of the spotted hyena’s vocalizations. Each has a unique “whoop” that serves as its calling card.

Hyena Laugh and Talk?

Did you say the mother hyena talks to her cubs? Researchers determined recently that mother hyenas talk to their cubs with melodic groans. Yep – google it! It really is amazing to think they can talk to each other. I thought animals only did that in Disney movies.

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What makes a strong teacher – Muscles!

Strong Teacher – Muscles! What makes a strong teacher? Muscles! That was my sort of introduction to my video but some how it all went wrong. The idea was to show case a teacher who was amazing us with weightlifting capabilities. I thought this was a good way to teach about muscles and the body. I think I went a bit over board.

Strong teacher – Muscles!

Oh My Gosh you have to check this video out. I didn’t think she could do that. It certainly blew my mind away. Who said girls are not strong. From there the script went on as seen in the video up above. The funny thing is that all of her students were now amazed and a bit frightened of their teacher.

No really, some took me at my word that she “could toss them across the room” if they made her angry. Not sure if that was good or bad.

The good thing is I was able to capture their attention in order to teach them about the body, and a brief understanding of how muscles work. However, they mostly remembered, how strong she was and that one small statement “She could toss you across the room”.

Strong Teacher – Scary Teacher

A few days later I thought I was going to have to pull the video because the “strong Teacher” told me how one of her students told another to behave. The incentive to behave was “Don’t forget how strong Mrs. Collins is. She can throw you across the room you know.”

That certainly was not the lasting impression I wanted to make. But hey, sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. I can at least say that the children learned something. If not about the body, and how our muscles work? It may possibly well be they learned to respect their teacher just a bit more. If not fear her (joking).

The question remains. How do I ever bring up the topic of muscles, without bringing up Mrs. Collins strong teacher video clip? I have to admit – she is awesomely strong.

The Fred Wild

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Do gorillas talk – Silverback animal fun facts

Do gorillas talk? Silverback Gorilla Fun Facts: Have you ever been to Busch Gardens? Have you been to the Myombe Reserve? Did you know gorillas talk to each other? Yes, gorillas do talk to each other.

Do gorillas talk – Fun Facts

A few fun facts first: Silverback Gorilla is the name given to the adult male Gorillas because of the silvery fur running across their backs and hips.

  • Their natural habitat is the tropical rain-forest of Central Africa.
  • Humans and gorillas have a very similar genetic makeup. Gorillas share 98% of our DNA, now that is amazing.
  • However, did you know that being the dominant gorilla, meaning the leader, is not based on how old, big or how strong the gorilla is.

Over spring break, Mr. Medina visited the Myombe Reserve at Busch Gardens and he learned that sometimes the strongest gorilla is not always the leader.

At the reserve, the older gorilla is more laid back and lacks the motivation or the desire to want to lead. Therefore, the younger, smaller gorilla is the dominant gorilla, meaning the leader So sometimes it is not about how big, smart or strong you are – it’s about having motivation.

Although generally quiet and calm animals, gorillas can become aggressive towards one another. Dominant males, in particular, will beat their chest, scream, roar and bark. Yes, I did say they roar and bark. They roar and bark while standing upright in a show of power.

Silverback Gorilla Animal fun Facts

Gorillas live in groups or communities with a clearly defined social structure. A dominant alpha leads the group of other males, females and young in daily activities such as eating and sleeping.

An Adult male Silverback Gorilla are approximately six times as stronger than a man is. Don’t believe the Tarzan movie scenes where Tarzan fights off a large gorilla (so not true).

Standing at up to 6 feet tall with arms that extend up to 8 feet (243 cm) wide, Gorillas are the largest living primates.

Surprise Chatter Matters

Do gorillas talk? Well, in a study in 2012 on captive populations revealed that female western lowland gorillas use a type of ‘baby talk’ to communicate with their babies. Scientists observed that mothers used more tactile and more repetitive gestures with their young than with other adults. Now isn’t that interesting.

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Cool Thing About Cat Pee – more fun Facts

Cool thing about cat pee! My goal in creating The FWE News is to motivate learning by bringing interesting fun facts to you our loyal YouTube listeners (please Subscribe – We would appreciate it). Sorry, where was I? We want you to be amazed and intrigued and then to go on google and do some research. Because learning is fun.

Cool thing about cat pee

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So what about cat pee makes it so cool? Well didn’t you see the video?

Does cat pee glow in the dark? Well, yes and no. Glow in the dark no. However, it is true that cat urine glows under a black light. Nevertheless, so does dog urine, human urine, and many other high protein content fluids.

I know what you are thinking. Is that how they make glow in the dark glasses and stuff? Don’t think so? Google it, I am sure they will have an answer for that.

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Fun Fact Question

Here is a question, see if you can guess. True or false.

Can water freeze and boil at the same time?

Wow, that is a tough one! If you know the answer, leave it down below in the comment section.

You have to be asking yourself: But how can water get hot enough to boil and at the same time be cold enough to freeze?

Water freeze and boil at same time

It has be done! It is called the ‘triple point’, and it occurs when the temperature and pressure is just right for the three phases (gas, liquid, and solid) of a substance to coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium. This video shows cyclohexane in a vacuum.

Triple point – sciencealert.com http://www.sciencealert.com/watch-a-liquid-boil-and-freeze-at-the-same-time
A volumetric flask containing liquid cyclohexane is depressurized to a very low pressure by a turbomolecular vacuum pump. The rapid drop in pressure results in a rapid drop in temperature, causing the substance to temporarily freeze, but the system is unstable, flirting with the triple point (a point of pressure and temperature at which a substance is simultaneously solid, liquid, and gas).

The result is a fluctuation between all three states of matter, in a rather stunning display of chemistry and physics in action.
see video here

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Why do cowboys wear high heels

Why do cowboys wear high heels? What? Cowboys are men – they don’t wear high heels! So then why do cowboy boots come with heels – sometimes taller than normal high heels? Yes that is what our Fred Wild News was about – interesting isn’t it. I certainly had a ball with the kids and this little fun fact.

Why do cowboys wear high heels

Cowboy boots – it’s a fashion statement to most now-a-days. But boots were not made for construction workers or for ladies. They were made for tough, rough, rugged manly cowboys. As well as cow girls. Let’s try to be a little politically correct here. That’s right, don’t want any one censoring us on a technicality.

But back to cowboy boots. The question still remains. Why did cowboy wear high heels? Did you know that cowboy boots were made with a long shaft, because they had, no laces and it helped support your boot. In other words, the long shaft kept you from losing your boots. It also made it easy to remove your boots with ease.

This was important because if a cowboy fell off his horse, and his boots were to get caught! The boots will slip off from the cowboys own weight. Yeah, it’s bad enough falling off a horse imagine being dragged along the ground. But that doesn’t answer the question…

why do cowboys wear high heels?

Well, did you know there is a specific reason why the heel was so high? The heel of cowboy boots is very distinctive; after all, rarely do men wear heels. But in this instance it is required.

Cowboys often ride young wild horses. The tall heel prevents the foot from sliding forward in the stirrup. Providing a greater degree of control and stability. But there is also another reason why cowboys wore high heels.

Cowboys rode horses and there were no streets. You’re probably thinking “and so what? What does that have to do with boots having high heels?”

Well, a cowboy and people in general had to deal with two distinct issues. What were those issues you ask. The first was mud. No paved road meant lots of mud. The other reason is they rode horses. Horses are animals and horses tend to leave poop behind them.
You just knew I was going somewhere disgusting.

A Poopy Reason.. LOL

Think about it. You can’t tell what’s mud, from the poop – so high heels were necessary. They needed the heels to walk in the mud and in the poop. after all it did keep you from slipping and falling in the… (You Know).

Of course, cowboys of today have many different kinds of boots. For instance, cowboys in rodeos have boots with shorter shafts.
This style of boot, with the short shaft, became necessary with the popularity of the modern rodeo.

In the calf-roping event, cowboys are required not only to ride and rope a calf. They must slide off their horse and run to tie it. Because of the need to run quickly, the shaft was shortened to make it more comfortable.

Here is an interesting fun fact for parents. You know how parents (especially husbands..) complain about you having too many pairs of shoes. Well, cowboys like everyone else had a pair of boots for work and a pair of boots for town.

Blame Hollywood

If you must know, it was not until Hollywood started making cowboys into heroes. That cowboy boots became a fashion statement. Yes, the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers – Movie cowboys made it a “fashion statement”, it was cool to wear boots.

If you would like to learn more about the history of boots. How cowboy boots influenced the civil war.
Click on the link below.
The History of Cowboy boots – visit: Purpose-Cowboy-Boots

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