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Stealing is Good. Yes, that is correct; I said, “Stealing is Good”. In fact, you should steal as much as you can, as often as you can, on a regular basis.
Oh! Just in case you did not know – I am a devout Christian. And as we Christians like to say: “Verily I say” stealing is good!

What do I mean by this? Have I fallen off the wagon? Have I lost my way? No, I have not. So let me explain what I mean by sharing a childhood experience.

Stealing is Good

My family was poor. When I say poor I mean poor, there were times that food was scarce. Though we had government assistance (known by my generation as – Welfare), we found ourselves many times scraping to get by. The government assistance would come in once a month – the beginning of the month was a blessing. The thing is that government assistance was always just barely enough. This meant that if things went bad we were scraping by at the end of the month.

Let me be clear – my mother in no way was mismanaging the funds. The fact is that she stretched that just enough to feed seven children, of which one was extremely disabled and sickly. Let me not fail to mention that my father had abandoned his family, his wife, his home – to take care of someone else’s children and that is all I will mention about my father.

Have you ever heard the phrase “I have too much month”, that was the existence we lived. At the end of the month is was our normal, to find our poor family struggling to get by – to survive. I remember that it was not until I was a teen that I noticed that mom ate last not because she was not hungry. It was because she was not eating. She would make certain that we all were feed before she even considered eating. It broke my heart when I realized that mom was skinny and frail because she was not eating while we as children fought each other over the last piece of chicken.

When I was about five to six years old I was secretly living out a popular movie – A Christmas story (*) and I was Ebenezer Scrooge. I had somehow noticed that we were poor and I wanted to build wealth, I wanted to be rich because it gave me a sense of security.

There I was stealing small amounts of change from my mother’s purse. Every other day, once a week or every other day or sometimes on a daily basis I was secretly sneaking into my mother’s purse to steal a few coins. I knew it was wrong, that is why I did it behind her back. Quietly I tiptoed into her room and gingerly pocketed a few coins (I stole from my mom). I knew it was wrong and that is why I only took what I believed she would not miss.

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Shark Wardrobe Malfunction – Silly Kids

Shark Wardrobe Malfunction: Nothing like taking the kids, the grown kids to Target. Of course, I can’t blame them, I didn’t want to be there and I am partly to blame.
So here we are at Target and we are looking for a birthday gift for my sons “girl” friend ( a friend that is a girl). We were there to buy a teddy bear and some balloons but we couldn’t find teddy bears. That’s when we got side tracked.

Shark Wardrobe Malfunction

I know. I have terrible parenting skills. How could I be a part of this foolishness… Well easy, I like to enjoy life, have fun with my kids and I am a kid at heart. Yes, not the best explanation or reasoning but it’s Gospel truth.

I can’t help it. It tends to happen – laughing, joking around and having fun with the kids is my thing.
If you think that is bad you should see the picture I have up on my old blog. My son is walking away wearing an army helmet and nothing else but his birthday suit. Yes, I covered his butt so I would not get banned or have some PC nut job go off on me.

My “Shark Wardrobe Malfunction” stunt is just that. Me having fun with my children. It’s what I live for. One day dad will be too old, too tired and possibly – dead and buried. I’ve long lost the desire to live up to others expectations or worry about image. When it’s time to be serious, I am very serious. When there is time to laugh, and joke around (if it doesn’t break the law) I want to have as many funny, silly memories as I possibly can have. Whether I am right or wrong – I want to live life to the fullest.

What do you think? Was my Shark Wardrobe Malfunction video too much? Do you do the same with your children? If you do – would you like to share? I would love to hear all about it.

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Be Wild Fred Wild – You have to see this.

Be Wild Fred Wild: Teachers using funny videos to teach important lessons. I think They did a wonderful job and some made me pee my pants (I mean LOL). Check out the Be Wild Fred Wild videos down below and do leave a comment.

Be Wild Fred Wild

I love the way they changed the meaning of being wild. I hear them say – let’s be wild and I think instinctively think the student is doing something wrong. But in this case the wild actually means being something you think is wild – like actually behaving. In either case the teachers did an awesome job. See more funny “Be Wild Fred Wild” videos below.

Be Wild in Hallways

Be Wild on School Bus

Wild in Bathrooms??

I loved the way he just invites us into the bathroom like it’s some place we want to go with him. However, I did almost have a heart attack when he climbed onto the urinal. I was thinking like “Great now you gave them the idea to do that!” But he told me that in the middle school he worked at they did much worse than that.

Be Wild in Lunchroom

Now with this one I have personal experience with. I have lunch duty and I have seen how student can get wild, crazy and ludicrous. Food tends to magically fly across the lunch room and no one knows who threw it. Kids will decide they have to go to the bathroom and never come back. And yes, the wonderful share box “Can I have something to eat?” (You just ate three peanut butter jelly sandwiches, two milks, and you want more?)

I hope you enjoyed the “Be Wild Fred Wild” videos – it was a pleasure sharing them with you. If you would please be so kind to share them with others and leave a comment below. We would truly appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by. And remember “BE WILD!”

Remember to visit our The Fred Wild YouTube channel.

be wild fred wild

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Kiki playing UNRAVEL / Girl Gamer so funny

Kiki playing UNRAVEL: It has been so much fun playing Unravel with my daughter. I personally have found it to be an interesting new way to spend time with kiki. Not only do we exercise our brain while we work together to solve this puzzle game.

Kiki playing UNRAVEL

Watch our current videos on YouTube: UNRAVEL fun videos

Watching kiki gaming

It’s funny, I grew up with adults saying that games were a waste of time. Meaning video games. Yet decade’s later people are not only making money creating video games. There are people making money testing games, playing games and some – well. Some are making money and building a career on YouTube recording themselves playing games.

Now I am not saying that my kiki is going to become a famous gamer. I am not saying she is going to become famous and we will be able to create a name brand – Kiki Girl Gamer. I am not looking for that (not that I wouldn’t mind it – please subscribe to my channel and help me help her become popular).

About Having Fun

Why did I start Kiki playing UNRAVEL. In all honesty I am simply looking to have fun, spend time with my baby girl. Why? Because she is off at college and as a dad I am still looking for ways to stay connected to my baby girl. If she wanted to sit and read books and make videos about the books she read. I would do that to. It’s about spending time together.

Now don’t get me wrong I know that there are steps to becoming a popular youtuber.

  • Come up with a theme.
  • Vary your content type.
  • Purchase and use high-quality recording and editing equipment.
  • Post your videos consistently.
  • Promote your YouTube videos on social media.
  • Ask users for their feedback.
  • Play high-profile releases.
  • Interact with the community.

If that is what you want, consider reading: How to Become a Famous YouTube Gamer

Fun, family time

Someone “confronted” me about trying to exploit my daughter so that my YouTube Channel could grow.
I had to walk away from them because apparently they have never seen my youtube channel. I have several videos, some are from my son. Other videos are of my daughter. But all of them are moments I have had with them. I am probably the one who watches these videos. In fact, even if I was the only one to watch them – it’s ok with me.

Trust me when I say this. I edit these videos and I enjoy it. I laugh and giggle as I listen to us talk, joke, laugh and play (spend time together). So if you like this video, consider giving us a like, a share and subscribe. If you do not – thank you for visiting and I hope you like the next one. But for me, it makes me happy.

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Do they scream? Lobster fun facts

Lobster Fun Facts: You will not believe this, interesting an amazing facts I just learned about Lobsters. You just have to check it out.

Lobster Fun Facts

Do they Feel pain? Scream when boiled alive?
Apparently this is not so. They don’t scream in pain when you cook them. The noise you hear is air that has been trapped in the stomach and forced through the mouth after being out of water for short periods of time. According to science, lobsters do not have vocal chords, and neither can they process pain. (Still sounds eerie to me though.)
lobster fun facts
What happens if a lobster loses a claw?
Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause. As unbelievable as it sounds, lobsters can regenerate limbs. It will take probably a good five years for a one-pound lobster to regenerate a claw that was lost. But it will. So now I know where they got the idea for Deadpool and his regenerating claw. I mean him regenerating his hand idea.

Female Lobsters make the first move

That is correct. Female Lobsters are players and they always make the first move. Of course there is not much to the courtship. Females that have just shed their shells send out a pheromone to let the males know they are in the mood.

Just in case you were wondering. Usually, lobsters that shed their shells are vulnerable and could be eaten by other lobsters. Why because lobsters eat each other. However a female can shed her shell letting everyone know she is you know – ready. The male lobster will usually always choose to mate with her rather than killing her.

They never stop growing?

Apparently, it is said and well researched that crabs never stop growing. Every year till they reach the age of seven years old they molt and shed their shell. Every time they do this they grow bigger. After seven years old the molt and shed their shell every three years all the while continuing to grow.

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