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Is Stealing Good? How to become a Millionaire

My mother was shocked, heartbroken and disappointed – as well as conflicted. She was dismayed and hurt to find out that her sweet innocent little boy was stealing from her. The disappointment in her voice, in her face – “How

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Stealing is Good – Become wealthy – Working on my Book

Stealing is Good. Yes, that is correct; I said, “Stealing is Good”. In fact, you should steal as much as you can, as often as you can, on a regular basis. Oh! Just in case you did not know –

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Google Quick Ads Suck – Do Not Use

Google Quick Ads Suck – Do Not Use! If you want to make money online and are using Google’s AdSense service. You have heard the news. They are making changes and you only have two options. You make money with

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How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About – FREE eBook

How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About: Get a FREE eBook, learn the 7 Point System of Personal Branding. People worry about how they look, what car they drive and image is everything. But when it comes to their

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Join the Tribe, be part of my community

Join the Tribe, be part of my community! In one of my last post I asked you (the reader of this post) to help me write a book. I invited you to be a part of the tribe, to be

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