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Clean funny jokes, comics and stories about my family, my children, life or history. If you can’t laugh fine, but don’t cry.

Shark Wardrobe Malfunction – Silly Kids

Shark Wardrobe Malfunction: Nothing like taking the kids, the grown kids to Target. Of course, I can’t blame them, I didn’t want to be there and I am partly to blame. So here we are at Target and we are

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What makes a strong teacher – Muscles!

Strong Teacher – Muscles! What makes a strong teacher? Muscles! That was my sort of introduction to my video but some how it all went wrong. The idea was to show case a teacher who was amazing us with weightlifting

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Blue Poison Dart Frog ? Amazing Animal Fun Facts

Blue Poison Dart Frog The blue poison dart frog or blue poison arrow frog or known by its native name, okopipi. Is a poison dart frog found in a few isolated “rain forest islands” in the Sipaliwini savanna of southern

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Ostrich Fun Facts True or False – Can Ostrich Kill Lion

Ostrich fun facts true or false – Can ostrich kill a lion? Here are some interesting ostrich fun facts we thought would be fun to share with our students. After all the ostrich may not be the best-looking bird around

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Ants Explode cruel fun fact- Camponotus Saundersi

Ants Explode cruel fun fact: Camponotus Saundersi, what a cruel way to go. Did you know about this little fun fact? Exploding ants or ants exploding – whichever way you want to put it. It is simply an interesting way

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