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Motivate learning by sharing interesting fun facts that seem too impossible to be true.
We explore and share animal facts, technology facts – all sorts of strange unbelievable true facts.

Do they scream? Lobster fun facts

Lobster Fun Facts: You will not believe this, interesting an amazing facts I just learned about Lobsters. You just have to check it out. Lobster Fun Facts Do they Feel pain? Scream when boiled alive? Apparently this is not so.

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School Valentine Disaster – they call success.

School Valentine Disaster: What principal gave the green light for this school to create an explosive heart pinata for valentine? Sure it’s dangerous, but what the heck lets have children create something that could blow your hand off. At minimum

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Hyena Laugh at boys and they talk too – Girls Rule

Hyena Laugh at boys. An interesting fun fact about hyena’s. And girls rule! What does that have to do with hyenas? You’ll see. Watch video and read more below. Hyena Laugh at boys & Talk? Hyenas, dog or cat? It

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Do gorillas talk – Silverback animal fun facts

Do gorillas talk? Silverback Gorilla Fun Facts: Have you ever been to Busch Gardens? Have you been to the Myombe Reserve? Did you know gorillas talk to each other? Yes, gorillas do talk to each other. Do gorillas talk –

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Cool Thing About Cat Pee – more fun Facts

Cool thing about cat pee! My goal in creating The FWE News is to motivate learning by bringing interesting fun facts to you our loyal YouTube listeners (please Subscribe – We would appreciate it). Sorry, where was I? We want

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