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Yuthink Vlog: my person space to talk to you about money, investing, family, what books I read and more.
Hope you enjoy and share.

Video Blog: money, investing, finances, family, top books, children and life.

The times are changing and people enjoy visuals more than text (reading). I figured I would share more of myself through video as I talk about money, investing strategies – good or bad, success and fails. I also wanted to talk about how to manage money as I did when I changed my whole life after reading a book about finances.

Of course I will talk about my family, children, life and more.

All I ask is that you be kind. After all you may be the only person who sees these videos or visits my website, and I would enjoy being your friend.

I am not going to pretend I am an expert, that I am rich and have lots of money (I don’t). Just an average person trying to get ahead in life. Just a caring loving parent trying to give my children a better life. I do it all just by being me (oh and I am crazy at times…).

What am I doing wrong? Let me be honest. Is it ok if I am honest?

What am I doing wrong? Let me be honest. Is it OK if I am honest? I write this blog people come, leave and I never know (for the rare exception of a comment) who they are, why they stopped

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Yuthink Vlog introduction – Let’s Talk about?

Yuthink Vlog introduction: Hello and welcome to my new Vlog. I know, I have the blog and here I am trying something new. Well there are a few reason why I am starting this new segment, Yuthink Vlog. And to

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