Cool Invention – possible bad outcomes

Cool inventions are being created everyday – some are awesome, others – well I have my reservations about. Below are some “cool invention” tech but I seriously think they come with a dangerous draw back. Tell me what you think.

Pavlok. This bracelet that uses light electric shocks to help wearers reach goals and break bad habits as “a personal coach for your wrist — a personal coach who is basically a low-grade masochist.” Users who don’t meet their goals risk getting zapped, having shaming Facebook posts pushed to their feed, and even losing money (to other users who are meeting their goals, naturally). According to a video on its website, the bracelet bullied one user into abstaining from all refined sugar (which admittedly was her goal) in a single day.
Sounds like a cool invention – but considering that one, they use the word bullying to describe how this cool invention “obligates” you to reach your goals is troubling in itself. But more importantly – I think of all the weak hearts out there, the possible strokes or other health issues that can be triggered (to point of death)that are just waiting to happen when you get that nice jolt of electricity. Does this thing come with a waiver?

QBall. Basically a dodge ball with a built-in microphone, this soft, bouceable sphere can be linked into any sound system and tossed around a classroom or gym for audience participation. Certainly gives new meaning to a mic drop.
Sounds like a cool invention – but it reminds me of the day I almost blow out a girl’s knee. It was unintentional but we worked in the shipping department and most of our trash bins were filled with paper so at the end of the day we would toss the garbage bags to each other to take out to the bin. Well, someone decided to place a bar in one of the bins, I didn’t notice it, tossed it – she missed and smash, bang, down she went screaming in horror. This is what I see for this interesting cool invention. Someone will toss the nice cool mic, the person will not know how to catch or simple have poor eye hand coordination (it happens to all of us) and bam, boom, right in the eye, or the kisser. Can you say law suit?

3Doodler.  By melting a special filament, this maker space-friendly pen exudes a quick-drying ink that can draw in 3D. Different nozzles and accessories can change up the look and there are more than 60 colors to choose from.
Sounds like a cool invention – at first I thought wow cool invention but then I thought about: first this looks like crap and probably doesn’t work with such ease. Two, I imagined myself trying to clean this crap off my couch, walls and dining table after my children or baby niece decided it would be so cool to use this to draw on anything and everything – and you thought crayons were bad.

What do you think about these cool invention toys, gadgets, or tech?


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