Dad having fun with Kiki Girl Gaming Funny videos

Girl Gaming Funny videos: Who said parenting couldn’t be fun. I found a new way to spend time with my daughter. We laugh, we scream, we joke around and best of all we play video games. Yes we do. I call it, Kiki Girl Gaming Funny videos. Check it out below and read why I believe it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Girl Gaming Funny videos

I am working on the quality and the editing of the Girl Gaming Funny videos, but I am more interested in the time we spend together. It’s important to me since she is growing up and has moved away. Yes I said moved away.

My baby girl is a college student with her own apartment in a faraway city. We have frequent talks about money, budgeting, studying and all sorts of responsible adult talks. Of which makes it hard, to just, enjoy each other’s company. So when she asked if I would record her playing this new video game, trying to emulate a famous youtuber.

Personally, I think the big kid was jealous of the little brother whom I have been trying to work with since he is the one who started this entire youtubing thing. He wanted to be a YouTube Star and now he just hangs out playing games. Nevertheless, I am working on him.

Why Is it Important?

Why I consider Kiki Girl Gaming Funny videos important? Well, first and foremost, because I spend time with my daughter. What parent does not want in a small way to keep their children close? Have you seen the videos? She is smiling, laughing, genuine in her reactions and we are just getting along. That is priceless in any parent’s eyes.

My other reason are just as selfish and also include a bit of monetary gain (opportunities).

I use google as a storage facility. I have a few very old videos of when my children were very small. I have a few of when my daughter was small and I was helping her make breakfast. There is a video of when I was helping her with a elementary school project. I especially love the Birthday treasure hunt video.

Make memories & Opportunities

Lets face it, we all know and have heard that Youtube has been used to make people famous and / or rich. Maybe not rich but you can make money with YouTube if things go your way. Why not take full advantage of that.

Who wouldn’t want to make money on the side? Besides, my daughter’s college expenses are high and I could use a bit of financial help supporting her college endeavors.

All in all I am enjoying spending time with my daughter. I even enjoy editing the Kiki Girl Gaming Funny videos. I laugh just watching the videos as she plays and reacts to the game. I am not saying I am going to make a lot of money off of these videos. What I do know is that I am having fun with my baby girl.

If perchance, she becomes a YouTube star and becomes famous (making large sums of money). I expect her to remember dear old dad.After all she is my retirement plan. LOL.

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Happy, crazy loving father of two who believes the world is a bit off kilter. I spend a lot of time trying to teach my children to be better than me - I hope they appreciate it.

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