Family Fun Times – Lost Mom in store!

Family Fun Times: Why mom abandoned us in the store – it really is a funny story. It all started with a trip to Marshals to buy a gift for a friends surprised birthday party.

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Family Fun Times – Lost Mom in store

I am not sure if it is family fun times or let’s see how much fun we can have without getting kicked out of the store. Or it could be that we have so much fun because we just have so many embarrassing moments as a family. Normally dear old mom is having a fit. “Stop making a scene… People are watching!” She would angrily whisper even though she smiles and eventually ends up laughing to.

In this particular trip, we were having so much fun we ended up losing mom. My son comes running saying “Mom is not in the store!” and going on about how he can’t find her anywhere.

We Lost Mom

Like I said, we were there to buy a birthday gift for a friend and while me and the kids were off having fun recording our funny video (hope you find it funny… cute, interesting and want to subscribe to our channel). Mom ran into a problem – the birthday girl walks into the store.

Apparently, mom felt the need to scrabble, to run and hide (wish I had gotten that on video). She didn’t want her friend to find out what she was purchasing for her and well – mom tends to over react. Of course, later on we find mom and she is just laughing and giggling as she tries to convince me that I need to purchase this gift without her friend noticing.

No – The purse is not for me …

So here I am, sneaking around the store trying to get to the cash register without her friend noticing me. The funny thing is, I had no clue where her friend was. If you watch my videos and ever wonder why I have a few about our trips to the mall, to Target or Walmart. It is because that is where we have the best family fun times. To be honest – I hate shopping with mom, but having the kids around. It makes it all worth it.

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