Fred Wild Elementary Book Review “NEW”

Fred Wild Book Review

Our first Fred Wild Book Review Video. It was a rocky start, it took a while but we have finally started our book review video club.

Book Review video club was just started at Fred Wild Elementary. It is another awesome motivational tool we are starting to use at the school. Education is important and many students lack motivation. So thru our AR Parties, our Morning News Program and many other tools we are striving to help our Fred Wild students be motivate. Motivate to learn, to see learning as an opportunity for fun. Yes reading is fun, yes learning can be fun. We simply need to find ways to motivate our students to do just that. I love watching our students as they find something that interests them. I try to treat them all the same; I speak to them like I do with my own children. My son wants to be a YouTube superstar, he wants to do this and that and like many he loves playing video games. I use those very interest, desires and motivations to ignite a desire to learn in him.

I tell our students how learning, how learning to do research, learning how to speak and communicate is important and vital to their success. I tell them about how teens, children as young as ten years old are doing amazing things with today’s technology. They achieved these heights, their success, due to their desire to learn new things. They have to learn how to work YouTube, come up with ideas, and write out scripts (to a certain degree). They have to learn how to work a laptop, use editing programs and as they grow their knowledge base grows through learning.

I especially love the fact that we are using YouTube to motivate our children to read, to ask question, and to think – because they want to be on YouTube. To be seen by their peers at school, on our FWE Facebook page as well as by their parents and family. It would be wonderful to have one of our students become a YouTube sensation. But what I hope we will get out of all these efforts is more interest, motivation and an earnest desire to learn.

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Fred Wild Student Book Review by Katie
Freaky Fast Frankie Joe
Author: Lutricia Clifton

Fred Wild book review club


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