Fred Wild Principal goes to Jail and calls on students for help

Fred Wild elementary Principal goes to Jail
Principal goes to Jail
Local elementary school principal was taken to jail as the school buses rolled into the school parking lot. As the students began stepping off their buses the local sheriff’s department was chasing down the principal across the court yard and parking lot. It was a wild and crazy scene but the sheriff finally caught up to her and off the principal goes to jail. Talk about an exciting morning for the students and staff.


Of course the principal goes to jail, that is one made of PVC piping painted to look like silver rusty bars which happened to be located at the main office. It was all in an effort to raise funds for Relay for Life Foundation. To learn more visit the Relay for Life website.

Fred Wild Principal goes to Jail

It was an interesting day at the Fred Wild, the students had a good laugh, the principal goes to jail for a good cause and the staff – well, we will keep to ourselves what they may have been all thinking (LOL). All in all the event went well and the children spent their lunch time wondering if the principal really went to jail “Is Mrs. Green Really in jail?” many of the first graders asked during lunch.

The school is hoping they reach the bail bonds goal of one hundred and twenty five dollars – but we won’t know that until all the countless quarters that the students were asked to collect for the “principal goes to jail” fundraiser is counted. We will try to get back with you on how much was collected from the principal goes to jail Relay for Life event.

Update: The school has collected as of 3:00 pm Friday, $300.60 dollars from their “principal goes to jail” fundraiser.

fred wild principal goes to jail


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