Fun eye art design make up

Fun eye art design make up
fun eye art design make up

My wife is always looking to one up herself during Halloween, she once went all out with a ghostly ghoulish costume where she had eye make up, face paint and all the works. Halloween and horror has always been her thing. But since the kids are getting older (not her), she hasn’t had many opportunities to dress up. The eye art, designs or the make up pretty much only comes once a year and during our schools Halloween trunk a treat event she is dressing up as the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time.

Personally I am going to suggest to her some funny cute and cats are always adorable eye art design make up she can where for a few days during the month of October. OK, some of the art above may be too much for the office but that one peek-a-Bo cat eye art design is kind of cute and a bit minimalist while being outlandishly awesome at the same time. I would leave out the cat foot prints but it might be fun to walk around the office with eye art design sporting a peek-a-Bo cat. Who doesn’t love cats.

I am sure this eye art design will take some mastery to create but hey – why not try whats the worst that can happen. Well at least you can wash it off.

You can check out some more fun eye art design from Imaginative Makeup Art by Tal Peleg. I am not sure who would want to sport the sushi eye art design but hey, to each is own right.


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