Funny Happy Birthday Song

Creating a funny Happy Birthday Song video for my schools daily morning news is one of the things I love most about working with my fifth grade elementary studio crew. It has become, according to many of the teachers, the much anticipated moment during the morning news. The children wonder and talk among themselves wondering what the funny happy Birthday song clip of the day will be. So far we had the Incredible Hulk singing happy Birthday. We have had Mr. Rogers, an opera man and an exploding cake. We have even had Chewbacca from Stars Wars dancing on stag while we wish our students Happy Birthday.

Funny Happy Birthday Song Clips

To be honest it has been a blast. Yes, some of the videos are clips from YouTube that others created and I altered or added my own flare too. But all in all, the funny happy birthday song segment of the news has turned into an unexpected hit. The students have started asking me if I would share with them what was coming up next. Sometimes it feels like I am trying to hide the contents to the envelopes to the Academy Awards (I know I’m exaggerating – but that’s how it feels).

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