Funny Life Moments – can’t help but laugh

Sometimes life can be funny, all you have to do is pay attention and not take things so seriously. Here are a few funny life moments that my wife does not want me to share. As well as some funny life moments I have experience working in the school system – kids do say the strangest things.
Odd funny life moments during morning drive
Son: hey mom you know what?
Mom: what son?
Son: I can double tongue.
Mom: you can what?
Son: on my trumpet…… for band.
The relief on moms face – priceless. Lol

While wife is driving funny life moments
Wife: can you massage my neck.
Me: but you’re driving, I don’t want to distract you.
Wife: please it really hurts….
OK, but if I accidentally give you the Vulcan nerve pinch, you collapse and crash….
Wife: confuse angry look on face.

Perfect timing for a funny life moments to embarrassed the wife.
I was just standing there looking…
Wife: what are you looking at?
Me: at you.
Wife: Why are you looking at me?
Me: Just enjoying the view.
Wife: blushing as she quaintly smiles and looks away.

Some funny life moments at school

Sometimes I hear the funniest things but since I work at the school and can’t disrupt a class room. I thought I would share it hear.
Teacher: why do you see lightning before you hear it?
Student: the lightning is trying to warn you.
Me: lol.
Teacher: The bison is a big animal, it is like a cow and animals are afraid of it because they are so big.
Student: Like a cow?
Teacher: Yes, thank you for listening good job. So why are predators – other animals afraid of the bison, also called the Buffalo?
Student: Oh I know! Because it looks like a cow!
The expression on teacher’s face – simply priceless! I almost burst out laughing.

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Happy, crazy loving father of two who believes the world is a bit off kilter. I spend a lot of time trying to teach my children to be better than me - I hope they appreciate it.

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