Funny Moment – Road Hijinks

Funny Moment: A funny thing happened while driving on the road, you just wouldn’t believe some of the things that happen to me. So I thought I would share.
Funny Moment: while driving up to New York on I95 as we turned off to take an exit to take a break from the long drive.
GPS: turn right in 800 feet.
Wife: turn now, turn!
Me: but the GPS said…
Wife: you miss the turn. Gosh! You never listen! You’re going to get us lost….
GPS: turn right now.
Me: smiling on the inside.

Funny Moment: It’s a bright warm sunny day. The sky is clear and I95 is full of traffic but its all good, we are happily speeding down the road doing 79 miles per hour (love that cruise control).
Wife: Be careful honey; look out for the cars slowing down.
Me: All the cars are more than 500 feet away dear.
Wife: Move over to the left, our exit is on the left.
Me: OK dear.
Wife: Hurry up and move over, you’re going to miss the exit.
Me: But…
Wife: You’re going to get stuck in traffic on the other side – You never listen (she grumbles).
Me: fine, fine. How far away are we from the exit?
Wife: The GPS says 19 miles.
Me: Secretly grumbles %$#&*#@

Funny Moment: The day after arriving home from our New York road trip and picking up my daughter from college for the week end, we drive up to Marshals to buy a few items for the college kid. As I stop at the gas station to fill up my daughter decides to asks me a question.
Daughter: Hey Dad?
Me: Yeah, what?
Daughter: Can I ask you a question?
Me: Sure, what’s the question?
Daughter: What does this look like?
(*then shows me this picture)
Funny Moment Road jokes
Me: Uh, I don’t know?
Daughter: Doesn’t it look like a uterus?
(* Then wife, son and daughter all start laughing while I stand there confused…)

Sometimes I wonder about my family. But I do admit – we do have some funny moment together. Never a dull day indeed.
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