Genius, I Conquered Triangle Peg Board Game

triangle peg board game cracker barrel
I am a Genius! I knew it all along and of course, I can prove it. When visiting the Cracker Barrel restaurant, you will find a 15-peg triangle board game on each table. Every time we travel my wife insist on stopping at a Cracker Barrel restaurant and we spend most of our time trying to see who can solve that odd triangle shaped board game. Usually we never seem to reach the genius status but we do get the three or two peg mark, which isn’t bad but secretly we all want to hit genius level. (Except for the few times we get the three or four dunce mark – honest it was a mistake. I need a do over!).

Triangle Peg Board Game
To be honest the game is kind of find to play as you wait for your meal to be served. We usually all take turns and laugh when one of us ends up failing to hit the mark after bragging how smart we are (I know I’ll get it this time). Like my wife who declared she could do better than me and utterly failed (I know I laughed – oh not at her, with her….).
So why am I a genius – because I finally solved it! Not once, not twice but five times in a row. I know, I am just that good. The reason I am so excited about it is because during our last trip to New York we had such a good time playing this game, that I purchased one for home. It cost less than three dollars and comes with this small manual on how to play. But my wife being the kind of (loving) person she is – she threw away the tiny manual. “We are going to solve this on our own!” She said. Well, it seems like I am the only one to have solved it. Every morning and every night, on and off I would take five to ten minutes trying to figure this thing out. My wife and son, well they have pretty much ignored it after a few days of failed attempts. But me, Mr. I won’t give up. I know I can beat this 15-peg triangle board game that drives millions made. So after many, many, many – did I say many, many failed attempts I did it. I came, I saw, I challenged that 15-peg triangle board game that apparently has no official name and I conquered. Booyah! (* It only took me a month and a half to do it. LOL)

Cracker Barrel 15 triangle peg board game

How to Solve Triangle Peg Board Game

Like I said, I love a challenge and I enjoyed solving this one. I can’t wait to sit down with the family and prove once and for all – I am a Genius! Of course it seems that depending on how you set up the pegs you have to change the strategy, but I will figure that out soon. For any of you who may want to learn more about the game or would like a step by step “how to solve” Triangle Peg Board Game – I found this link to a guy who does just that. The instructions are a bit hard to follow (at least for me) but maybe it will work for you. Personally, I enjoyed trying to solve this on my own – nothing like the feeling of overcoming an obstacle.

Triangle Peg Board Game – Solutions to amaze your friends


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