Google Quick Ads Suck – Do Not Use

Google Quick Ads Suck – Do Not Use! If you want to make money online and are using Google’s AdSense service. You have heard the news. They are making changes and you only have two options. You make money with Google AdSense by manually placing ads in each post. Alternatively, you can go for the easy, let Google handle it, AdSense Quick Ads service.

Do Not Use Google Quick Ads

Like most people, I do not make millions of dollars with AdSense. Being Transparent and offering a disclaimer: I do not make money online with AdSense. By this, I mean as in make thousands of dollars.

With that said, I do make money and I built it up to a steady average number a month (average per day). This means I can tell the drastic change that occurred when I followed Google’s advice and made the switch to Google quick Ads.

First let me state that it was easy to implement if you know what you are doing.

Second, I admit I went with Google Quick Ads because it sounded easy. You add one snippet of code, set it and forget it. Who doesn’t like that? We do not all have a staff working behind us.

Third, I wanted to test it out for a month since I could find no one out there (in google search) that was talking about it. I found a few people with opinions about preference but no one (before date of posting) said they had a study per say.

30 Day Test – proves?

How do I know that Goggle Quick Ads suck? Well after my thirty-day test, I found two very important things. These may not sound profoundly technical to some but if you are a beginner or simply do not want a thirty page study to read through. Let me make it simple for you.

Problem: As I stated earlier I have found a stride, an average daily or monthly income. In the many years I have had my blog and switching over to WordPress from Blogger. I never really took AdSense seriously. My mentality was, if I make money I make money. If not, then so be it.

But three years back I decided it was about time I did. After all I was now paying for my blog (own site), and I wanted to cover the expenses. I worked long and hard, reading, researching and failing. I could not make money (a few pennies do not count).

Then I learned a few tricks, all legal, that had to do with writing better blog post. Implementing SEO strategies. Yes, I even used social media (go me!).

Reaching my Goal

After many failures and many learning mishaps, I found my stride. I was not making money online, as in thousands of dollars, but my blog was paying for itself. It was making enough a year to cover my expenses on my blog. I was happy; it was nice to see a monthly average and a daily average at times. I was ready to take it to the next step (going to be rich baby!).

Then came the notice from Google telling us (me) that there will be changes and taking steps now is better than waiting till they force our (my) hand.

What the #$%&

Google Quicks Ads in place, after figuring out how to install code and implementing the service. At first glance it sounds great but after further review – Google Quick Ads SUCKS!

Now why does it suck?

Reason number one: I admit I did not expect things to go smoothly and I was ready for a drop in revenue. However, what I received was a shocker. I was getting nothing. Not dollars, not quarters, not dimes or even pennies. Yes, I was showing clicks but nothing was popping up as income. I later found out that my YouTube revenue was what was being counted but I was not making any revenue from my Google Quick Ads (by the way I had all three features on and none were making money).

Reason Number two: Google Quick Ads seems to be breaking Googles own “Best Practices“. If you go to Google’s AdSense advice (how to) section you learn a lot about rules and best placement of ads. Well, even though Google’s own advice tells you not to place ads too low, or way above the (on top) of website – all my AdSense Quick Ads are posted there.

It was not just my site, as I searched the internet I found several websites, commercial (big and small) that had ads positioned in areas Google says not to have them. Look at the image below to get an idea.

google quick ads suck

Google Quick Ads Suck – why?

How bad did Google Quick Ads suck. Well, it was putting ads in the subscription widget (bottom part). It was placing ads in the widget that housed my leave a comment section. If that was not bad enough it placed ads way below, I mean the very bottom of the web site. You know the part no one ever sees. How can they expect me to get clicks (of which if I do not) they will get angry and one day kick me out of their program. Like they do to new users who do not make a hundred dollars in a certain period.

If I am missing something, please do share with me in the comment section below. There may be a better way to use Google quick Ads that I am not aware of.

Nevertheless, for right now, it seems to me (at least), that the way to go is to manually place ads where they work (depending on your layout). Yes, you have to be careful about the rules and it is more work. I am sure there is a quick fix somewhere.

(* Back to doing more research I guess. Google Ad placement)


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