Hoping To Doing – Lifehack or Jack slacks & I’m Wack

Hoping To Doing – Lifehack or Jack slacks
Hoping to doing – it’s a mantra we hear (in one form or another) referring to motivating people to get off their asses. Stop dreaming and start doing! Usually easier said than done, but it can be done. So whether you call it lifehack a term currently used today. A strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way (showing my age). Or you call it being wise, disciplined and proactive. It simply means you are doing something.

Hoping To Doing

Today I sat down to complete a work assignment the book I am read assigned to me (the reader). To be honest it is nothing new, I’ve done this before. Of course every time I do it causes me great pain. Why? Because I only do it after royally getting myself into some deep $hit. You know, when you realize (admit) that if you keep ignoring this problem it’s going to kill you. Sure I’m being dramatic but hey, if you took a look at my debt load, you’d crap your pants too.

So here I am writing down my bills, my credit card debt, my income and it really looks depressing. What really hits me is the realization that I owe $XXX,XXX.xx on my house. Holy …. What the!

But I can’t worry about that now. I can only do what I can do. So stop hoping for change and let’s start doing something to change it. That is where I came up with the title: Hoping to Doing – Lifehack or Jack Slacks. By the way my name is not Jack.

I can hope and do nothing: to which I continue to slack off and change nothing. Or I can figure out a cool “lifehack” and adopt daily activities that will change my life and its outcome for the better.

Hoping to Doing

After curling up in a ball fearing my life was over, I sat in my garage, did some laundry (look honey, I’m doing laundry). And started the process of opening an online savings account with no fees, good interest rate and – hell if I could find one! Look I don’t expect a book written a year ago to be current, but dude, you set my expectations too high.

In either case I need to save money. I have to reduce my debt. I have to manage my bills and if possible cut some waste. But looking at it as a whole – it’s too much. So my first step is to open a savings account.

I have to start, no procrastinating, I need to move from hoping to doing. Sure it’s not going to be everything the book said I should try to get. But it is a start. The way I see it, it may not have a wonderful interest rate but it will have a return (as low as it is). It will also help me psychologically to think of that money as off limits.

Several years (decades) back my bank allowed you to purchase 6 months or 1 year CD’s. Many of the thrifty Seniors used this as a way to earn more interest on money they new was only going to be sitting around. I’m not sure if banks do that any more but if need be, I have to find a way to lock up some of my money (savings) in order to avoid the temptation (need) to spend it.

Of course when I say temptation to spend it. What I mean is the wife saying or I myself thinking “well I have money available to me so I can splurge a bit.” Which often times is accompanied by “ no need to save this month. It’s not like we don’t have money in the bank.” Very bad way of thinking – very big no, no’s.

Hoping to Doing

I am a very guarded – oh let’s just face it I am shy, an introvert, my wife considers me to be antisocial at times. There I said it, I don’t like to share. But in order to motivate myself from hoping to doing. In order to make myself accountable to you (if anyone even reads my blog). I am going to set a goal. Yep, right here right now.

Its simple really. I am not going to do anything crazy. Just a simple savings goal.
My goal is to save $5,000 dollars in 12 months ( from 7 / 2016 to 7 / 2017).
Sounds like a lot but I know I can do it if I try. Go big or go home!
My hoping to doing plan only requires me to save $500 a month.
(* $500 x 12 months equals $6,000 so I do have some wiggle room.)

Of course I also have any tax return money I may get to help out but I want to use that to help my baby girl with college expenses and a small vacation for the wife. She will need it. I am pretty sure I will (dirty look from wife). Moving on!

What do you think? Is it too much?
Is anyone even reading this…?

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