How can Children Make Money and Parent Tips

How can children make money: and Parent tips? Children are making money and some are making a lot of money. Evan is a 9-year-old toy reviewer who is making $1.8 million a year. Cameron Johnson started a business at 11 years old and was making $400,000 a month by the time he was 14 years old. Ryan of Ryan’s Bakery featured on Shark Tank and had an investor invest $25 K in his business. We have several other children who have started making money, so you know that children can make money. But how? How can children make money?

How can children make money

Making money is a slippery slope of confusion when you are a child. It sounds easy; most websites offer a long list of things you can do to make money. You can mow lawns, walk dogs, babysitting, wash cars and more. We all know that and lets be real – children want money but they do not want to work. No surprise, most adults want to do the same. However, the reality is, in order to make money you have to work.

The first step in making money is to understand that the only way to make money is to work. Yes, I know what you’re thinking “But I saw a YouTube video that says I can make money without working”. I am sorry to say – it’s all a lie. It is a scientific principal for every action there is a reaction. In order to make money you have to work. Nevertheless, there is good news – something called passive income. But that does not mean you do not work, this only means that you work to build something that works for you.

Different ways children can make money

There several ways to make money. There is what I call the low tech way. This is the old-fashioned traditional way of making money. You open a lemonade stand. Start a dog walking service, mow lawns, sell cookies or start a babysitting service. It is like starting your own business. You offer a service (or a product), you go find customers and you make money (get paid).

The there is also the high tech new age way of making money today. We have all read about it, I mentioned a few at the beginning of this post. People who start websites or blogs. Children, teens or young adults who make money creating YouTube videos. Some children create mobile app games that they sell online and make money.

The problem is not that you can’t make money. It is easy to come up with an excuse and say: How can children make money? Mom and dad won’t let me. I am too young. I don’t know how to make videos or use a computer. (* that last one is funny because most people think that children are born knowing how to use the internet – not true.)

The three important why’s

I want to offer three very different ways to make money, but I first want you to understand something very important. If you are a child you need to talk to your parents about helping you make money. If you cannot convince your mom or dad to help you make money – then you shouldn’t try. Moreover, there are three reason why it’s important to have your parents help you.

a. Safety and Support: You need mom and dad to be on your side. To help make sure you do not do something that can cause harm to you or someone else. Let’s face it, there are a lot of evil bad people out there who want to hurt you. You need mom and dad to help you stay safe. You also need mom and dad to support you. There are things you just can’t do on your own.

b. The Law: Like it or not you are a child and there are laws to protect you that keep you from going out there and getting a job. There are also laws that prohibit (keep) you from getting a bank account, credit card, or other types of accounts. You will never be able to open certain necessary accounts (if you want to make money) without mom and dad.

Just the way it is, it is for your protect.

c. Knowledge, expertise and experience: Let’s face it, Mom and Dad may be ancient and have no clue what snap chat is. However, they do have knowledge you as a child do not. If you want to start a business selling cookies – you may want to ask mom to share grandma’s delicious secret recipe. You may want to ask dad to help you build a lemonade stand or teach you how to use the tools you need to build the thing you want to make and sell.

In short you need to talk to your parents about helping you in your make money business. After all, if you can’t convince mom and dad to help you – how can you convince people to allow you to work for them or sell them something.

Three ways to make Money

Three simple ways to make money – three simple ways children can make money. To be honest, it will seem familiar while still having a bit of a twist. The reason why I say this is because I want you to build something different – a business that if possible will help you to make money even while you sleep.

How can children make money idea #1

Today everyone wants to make money online – like making money with YouTube. It is all the rage and most of the elementary students I work with know someone or follow someone on YouTube. As I mentioned earlier, people are making money online with YouTube. It can be difficult for some and easy for others – but nonetheless it is a business.

What I want you to do is to take something you may enjoy doing, or regularly do and turn it into YouTube content. For example, My daughters friend the one I said makes cool decorative cards – I suggested to her that she make videos of herself creating these cards. The idea is simple, you put a camera in front of you and while you work – you talk about what you are doing. So in her case she could explain why she is choosing certain colors. She can give a tutorial – that is to say teach how to make the card.

Another idea would be to record yourself walking your dog. I have a student who helps her mom with her dog walking business. Every day she walks three or so dogs around downtown. Now, people love animals, why not record yourself walking the dogs. I am sure something funny, cute or strange will happen enough times for you to make a video about.

But this is not new

No, this may not sound like something new – everyone is trying to make money with a YouTube channel. But what many children struggle with is in coming up with a concept. In other words, they don’t know what to say, what to do. They start and they lose interest in making videos because they run out of ideas.

The way you make money on YouTube is by creating videos. There are several ways to make money on YouTube – advertising, sponsors and more. But in the short and long of it, you have to create videos. Without videos there is no way to make money. You have to make videos, so that people can see them, so that you can make money.

If you want to learn how you make money on YouTube and the video equipment you need.

How children make money idea #2

The only way to make money, as well as the easiest way to make money is to sell something. And who better to sell something than a cute, adorable little child. The secret to making money as a child is in the fact that you are a child. It’s like the internet and cats – people just love cats, and some people can’t say no to children.

Create Something to Sell

Personally I believe the best way to make money is to sell something. It can be homemade as in selling cookies made with a secret recipe. But if you lack time or cooking skills you may want to sell other peoples products. Whether you are selling homemade cookies or chocolate bars from a vendor online – the point is to sell products and make a profit (make money).

This is done in several ways: 1. Door to door. This is where you go door to door (or business to business) and you use that cute adorable face of yours to sell to people who may buy. Of course, the secret is in understanding that you have to go to a lot of doors and you may have to hear a few rejections (as in no). But if you know a little about your product, a little about how to sell (talk to people) and you do not give up. You could be like Cory Nieves who with the help of his mom started selling homemade cookies at age five and at age ten he was making a $1,000 dollars every week-end.

2. A twist to selling door to door may be in having an online business, where you can sell chocolate bars, cookies or teddy bears for that matter through the internet. At my local elementary PTO raises money by selling cookies – either the students can go person to person or they can have people purchase cookies online.

I personally believe you should learn how to start an online business, even if it is selling cookies online because then you can have your business work for you even while you sleep. Learn more on “How children can make money online while sleeping”.

Children can be making money idea #3

Take a hobby and turn it into a business. Sounds easy enough and if you think about it – it is not as if you haven’t heard it before. If you want to make money, you have to start a business. Wow, like as if I did not know. Bear with me OK.

Sounds easy but it is not. Yet, it is easy if you really think about it. If there is something you like to do, a hobby of some sort – why not turn it into a business. Now I understand that you are just a child and you are thinking to yourself that you don’t know how to turn your hobby into a business. But think about it – what is it that you do? Do other people do the same or would like to do the same?

Just because you are a child does not mean that you can’t start your own business. Even if you need your parents to help you, it does not mean that you are not doing it – you just need help. We all need help sometimes.

For instance, let us take something as simple as taking pictures. In days, past and gone, people took pictures as a hobby. Today hundreds of thousands of photos are posted on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). But you can still turn that past time into a money making machine.

1. You can take photos and sell them for a dollar at local events. At our local elementary school I run and manage the picture booth at our annual fun festival event.

2. I have a friend who takes pictures at every home high school football game and he sells them online to parents.

3. You can take pictures and upload them onto websites that in turn offer to sell them to business who need pictures for ads, commercials and other needs.

Hobby can be a business

You can turn most any hobby into a business. Do you like to knit socks? You can make socks to sell, record yourself knitting and create a video teaching people how to knit your socks. You can build a website site all around knitting socks and make money with the website.

Because of today’s technology and the internet, there are more ways for average people and even children, to start a business and make money.

In the end what you need in order to succeed is a simple business idea, the courage to start, the help of your parents (or others as needed) and a “never give up” attitude, with a healthy dose of patience. Patience is key. If you want to make money great – but don’t fall for the “How to make money overnight” scam.

Success is going to take time. It is going to take work and effort. You will have to learn new things and you will have to learn how to handle rejection and failure. But if you keep moving forward – you just might be one of those child make millions success stories I love to read about.

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