How kids can bowl for FREE – any one can sign up

How kids can bowl for FREE – any one can sign up for this! Thanks for watching the video and stopping by to leave a comment and a thumbs up (HINT).

How kids can bowl for FREE

I made this video for two reasons – having kids is expensive and i wanted to fill my children’s summer with as much family fun as I could. What better place to do that than a family night of bowling. Did I mention kids 13 and under play for FREE.

Of course I did. I normally don’t follow some of the things people post online (Facebook) but I was sent a link from our local newspaper telling people about all the free things they can do this summer with their families. When I saw the free bowling segment – I had to try it out. As well as test it to see if there were any hidden fees or gimmicks.

How kids can bowl for FREE

What I found:

  • Bowling is free for 13 and under. You only pay for shoe rental.
    (* Not bad, it does save you money and the bowling – 2 games are free.)
  • Easy set up online and very little information.
    (* if your like me, you may be hesitant to give out your email address for fear of spamming. But so far all I receive is notifications of when my coupons for free bowling is available and some other free offers.)
  • You can sign up several children.
    (But they are quick to remind you that this is not for summer school trip use or clubs and not a baby sitting or daycare thing.)
  • They try to sell you a family package. The deal is decent and to me it’s a bit of an underhanded way of making an up-sale. Nevertheless this is a business and that is what business need to do to stay in business.

As you can see by my video we all had a wonderful time. Especially me – I won!!! I mean, I was able to spend time with my family. Yes I had to pay for me and my daughter (is older than 13). But if you have a large family of small children, this is great.

The family on the lane next to me had several small children and they were having a blast as well.

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How kids can bowl for FREE

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