How to Make Cool Snowman Decoration

Snowman Decorationcool snowman decoration for christmas
Create cool easy fun Snowman decoration for the holidays, courtesy of my home for the Thanksgiving holiday college daughter. Yep, I was surprised when my daughter said, let’s make a snowman (no reference to the movie) because we live in Florida. But I soon found out that the need to decorate my house with a cool snowman decoration was due to her need for a guinea pig. She wanted us to help her try out this decoration first (at my house) so then she could unveil the perfected art at her college dorm for all her roommates to enjoy.

How to Make Cool Snowman Decoration

It’s pretty easy to make a snowman decoration – you just need a bit of skill with colored sheets or cardboard. Some Tape (if you fear damaging paint on door or wall – unlike my wife and daughter) use what works for you. You will also need a pair of scissors, a ruler if you need help with a steady hand, a pencil and your hands (I’m sure you have all these items handy).

Depending on how big you want your snowman decoration to be (eye ball the size) cut out circles for eyes, buttons, and dots for mouth (see picture for idea). A triangle is cut for the snowman carrot nose. You can create a scarf from paper or like my daughter you can use Christmas wrapping paper (we always have a few rolls lying about) from last year.

Christmas snowman decoration for house

The hat for the snowman decoration is tricky but simple. I had to step in for this because they wanted to give frosty a tiny hat – it would have looked terrible. So using eye judgment I figured the size of the hat. Penciled it out on appropriate size paper and cut it out. I cut three slips of red paper for the hat (give it style) one having a fancy design to make it pop and give sort of dimension to the ribbon. I taped all the pieces together (over lapping each) making sure my snowman had a cool stylish hat to sport.

Snowman Decoration Hat Trick

The tricky part was the part where my wife realized the hat was too big to fit on the door (ye of little faith). The solution to this was simple: first figure out how you want the hat to be positioned. I wanted it tilted as you can see by my snowman decoration picture. I placed the hat on the door while the door was opened and traced a line using the edge of the door. Second I cut my hat following the line and carefully taped the two pieces where they belonged. The hardest part about the snowman decoration was the alarm door sensor. I had to cut a piece out to adjust for it and then layer my top portion low enough to cover the door frame. My wife swore it was crooked and insisting on helping (I think she was just trying to steal my thunder).

You could probably take the snowman decoration a step further and add some cut out paper for stick arms but I didn’t want to go that far. I guess skies the limits if you really want to be creative with it.

So there you have it – a cute, easy to make, amazing snowman decoration for your Christmas holiday. Of course now I have this giant size Christmas Snowman decoration up for all to see and my house will be full of people this Thanksgiving. Well, I guess we will have something to talk about during dinner.

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