How to make Money on Pinterest Simple & Easy

How to make Money on Pinterest! Pinterest is a social network used by millions of people and if you are interested in making money – Pinterest is a good place to start. The question is always the same: How to make money online? The obvious and vague answer is with social media. So wanting to make money online causes you to turn to social media. One of the simplest ways to make money is by using the power of Pinterest.

How to Make Money on Pinterest

Understanding how? Pinterest is visual and this works well for those who want to sell merchandise online. People who like your pin in turn without realizing it promote your money making machine to the public. It is what they do.

If you use social media, in particular Pinterest, you know how it works. You see an awesome looking image of a shirt, a coffee mug with a quote or message and you like it and possibly even re-pin it. That is how social media works. If you want to make money on Pinterest all you have to do is pin awesome crazy interesting items. Then you let the machine take over.
But how to make money on Pinterest is what you want to know. Well, keep reading.

Affiliate Marketing is key

The goal is to make money and how we make money is by promoting items for sale. The how we promote items comes later, but I want to address two major points. The first point is: How do I sell my stuff? It is obvious that if you make jewelry, T-shirts or bobbles you will make more money because you own the items. That is just a given. And if you do – of course, use this as a means to sell more of your items online and on Pinterest.

The second and most often asked question is: How can I make money if I have nothing to sell? This is best solved by learning more about Affiliate Marketing. An Affiliate is someone who is paid a percentage or a commission for selling other peoples product. To learn more about what affiliate marketing is visit: Wikipedia’s – Affiliate Marketing for basic information.

I believe Affiliate marketing is key to making money online and more importantly, in how to make money on Pinterest. Below I go into more detail about what products to promote and what sources to use or programs to join.

Keep it on the down low

Make it look natural and personal. People hate ads, and even if they do not, they tune them out any way. This is why How to make Money on Pinterest is important information for you to have.

Pinterest as stated above is all about the visuals – what you see. It is an image based social media outlet. The way to make money on Pinterest is by showing off lovely, pretty and interesting images. In other words – you do exactly what the social website was designed to do. Whether people realize it or not, that is exactly what they are already doing. Every pin, every like or shared pin is a promo (an advertisement).

The goal is to make it look natural and that is why promoting affiliate products works best on Pinterest. You want to make money online, become an affiliate and then – you guessed it – pin it.

Of course, you have to be creative with the title, the description and all that but the image is what will attract people. You get enough people looking at an interesting item and you will get a sale (as in make money). Here is Pinterest own simple guide to Pinterest and how to pin.

Automate it

One of the most difficult things about social media is how not to get sucked into its never ending bottomless vortex. By this I mean, get lost in constantly tweeting, posting to Facebook and Pinterest. By now anyone who stays up with the latest news has heard that you can schedule FB post and Tweets. On FB you need to create a fan page (or other), it cannot be a personal page. Or you can use another service that will allow you to preload, schedule and set up post, tweets and other social media interactions in order to automate.

Again, this is mostly known and used by those who want to turn social media into a business. The goal is to get your business of making money on Pinterest moving. The more pins, re-pins, likes and so forth you get, the greater the odds that someone will like the product and in turn purchase it.

So before you think it – it is not spam. Remember, we want it to be organic, natural and inviting. We want people to like the pins and share it. This is why being an affiliate is so great. It gives you access to a lot of great pins (promotions of product). You pin it, have people like it, share it and you pin something else (continue the cycle with fresh new stuff).

Do not force

The key is to let it work on its own. Spamming of any sort always turns people off. If you can make it organic, people will be drawn to it. If people are drawn to it, they will naturally want to share it. The ultimate goal is to have it be seen by millions, because that increases the odds for a sale.

Of course I would suggest that you remember a few things. One: this does not happen overnight. This is a gradual progression. You have to grow your following, like in any social media website. Two: it will require some work. The reason why so many people do not make money online is due to their lack of patience. They read this article on how to make money on Pinterest and they try doing it for one or two days. They see little or no results and bang their off, they give up without giving it the time it needs to catch on and grow.

Most importantly is number. You have to remember that this is a passive business model. Passive means that you are not guaranteed a set amount weekly paycheck. Yes, you can make money while you sleep because the business is automated. But you are not guaranteed sales in any way. In essence, don’t quick your day job just yet. And if per chance you hear someone say “make millions overnight” – don’t buy what they are selling (SCAM).

What products to promote

I am going to focus this segment toward products that do well on Pinterest. How to make money on Pinterest depends on the products you promote (sell as an affiliate). If you want to sell on Pinterest forget about words like niche. Niche basically means that you sell, promote or focus your efforts like a blog on a certain subject.

In the case of Pinterest, you have to remember (admit) that the majority of pins that do well revolve around recipes (food), clothing (dress, t-shirt, clothing accessories and apparel), as well as books and such. It is ( politically incorrect but) geared more towards woman.

So while it would help you to grow your following by creating several categories to promote (pin). I want you to remember that focusing your business efforts toward women. Which are the major movers and shakers on this social website. (But to be honest, it is actually a good thing.)

Sources to promote from

Understanding who is your best target audience and what best attracts them will help you gain followers and likes. This will also help you in how to make money on Pinterest because you can then sign up for affiliate programs that best suit your target.
As a small example I will use T-shirts in order to demonstrate how it would all work.

Open your account, fill in all the necessary info and begin pinning.

Then you focus your pins on cool interesting T-shirts with logo’s, images or quotes. You pin and make a nice comment (etc…).

You have already signed up for an affiliate program to this cool T-shirt and apparel website. So once a day (before automating this process) you visit the affiliated website and find a nice T-shirt with a provoking quote and you pin it. As well as re-pin and pin one or two more items (related to your efforts) from other sources.

The next day you visit the site again and choose another cool interesting item and pin that. Each of these pins come from your affiliate site – this means you use your affiliate site to pin from and therefore any link follows or re-pins lead people to your affiliate site. (* This is important because any sales are attributed to you and your affiliate link. That means you get a commission.)

You continue to do this until you have a large following and a long list of pins (of which 25% to 50% of those pins are linking to your affiliated site). [* Don’t forget, some pins show up on Google searches – another source of getting more traffic. ]

So – how to make money on Pinterest Is broken down into a simple to follow plan that most if not many online are already implementing. This is not new, and you shouldn’t have to pay someone $39 or $99 to teach you how to make money on Pinterest.
But – if you appreciate my free help guide please share this on Facebook, email it to your friends and share it on Twitter.

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