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How to raise money for charity idea that has little to no cost to you and is easy to set up and accomplish? That has always been our goal here at Fred Wild Elementary. We do a lot of charity work, from raising money for student events to our Relay for Life Cancer Foundation annual fundraiser. What we find is that while most of us are willing to volunteer, to help and to give. We have a hard time coming up with, how to raise money for charity idea that will be easy, fun and not eat up most of the funds raised.
This year was an interesting year. Due to scheduling many of our fundraiser events seemed to run one right after the other. This caused us great concern because our student body and their families are not made of money. First we had the Believe fundraiser where families purchased candy and other goods. Then we were basically forced to start a T-shirt, hoodie and other inspiration drive (you do it or lose opportunity kind of thing from the company). So here we were getting ready for our annual Relay for Life fight cancer fundraiser and we feared loss of parent participation since they have given so much already.

How to raise money for charity idea
Luckily we have awesome teachers who came up with a wonderful idea that would require very little effort, little to no expense and would drum up a lot of excitement. The idea was to lock up (arrest) the Principal and have her be bailed out by the students for $125.00 (25 cents per student, 500 students totals $125.00). Not a bad idea at all.
This fun raise money for charity idea cost us zero dollars to set up and we raised $320.60 in three to four hours (our goal was $125.00).
Steps to set up fund raiser event
1. Decide who will be the prisoner who needs bail
Choose a high level well-loved individual that the students will want to see get arrested but want to help bail out.
2. Supplies need is an orange jail jump suit (no strips – try not to be too obvious because of the next steps taken). You will also need a prison (bars). This can be created with PVC pipes that are painted rusty silver with a homemade jail sign. (all our supplies were created in house or donated)
3. Create flyer with details and picture of person being jailed and bailed. See ours.
You will need to set up date, time, actors, extras and camera people, yes camera people.
(* we were lucky enough to have our local sheriff deputy help us as an extra)
4. Promote event two days prior to event: Facebook, Twitter, your online webpage and other means.
5. On day of event stage a scripted scene that will grab the attention of students and parents, without causing a riot.
(*See video) We staged a sort of police chase on the campus grounds. During morning parent drop off as the school buses and parent dropped off our students, the sheriff pulled up with his blinking lights and jumped out of his car to give chase to our Principal. They ran across the parking lot, up the ramp, into the full cafeteria and he apprehended her just before going out the other side. He slapped the handcuffs on her and walked her across campus to the main office where she was thrown into her set up jail cell.
(* I have no idea who brought in the cot and the bed pan. LOL)
6. Throughout the morning we called classes to pass by the office, take pictures, give their bail money (quarters) and petition the Principals release. We had one class who came in with picket sign in protest and then dumped a full bucket of coins into our bail bucket.
7. Camera people (video) were needed to record the entire thing as it happened. We were able to create a short video which I edited, put in some comments, music and uploaded to YouTube.
fred wild elementary

I then released the video on our the Fred Wild Facebook page and emailed link to all our teachers. Before you knew it we had parents coming in saying they forgot to give the bail money. We had parents commenting, sharing and enjoying the video. At the end of the day we had raised $320.60 and possibly more on the way because some parents promised to return next week with money.

We had a wonderful time as the school was all abuzz about what had happened and thrilled to find that we were able to raise so much money for a could cause.

I am sure that our How to raise money for charity idea can be improved upon, but this is what worked for us and we are glad to share it with you. If you have any good ideas on how to raise money for charity that are interesting and with little cost – please share them with us. Thank you.


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