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When you need a good laugh. There are days when I just need to chuckle, to laugh – the week has been long, the days hard and my spirits, well its dragging along. So sensing You might be feeling the same way, I decided to find a decent funny joke we could share together. Here goes.

Just need a laugh
There was a barber that truly wanted to share his faith with others but did not know how to go about it. Every person who sat in his chair wanted to talk about sports, politics or movies. One Monday morning he woke up early and decided that he was going to share his faith with the first person to walk through his barber shop door.
After opening his shop a man came in jumped onto his barber chair and asked for a shave. The barber was so nervous he excused himself for a minute, went into the back room and said a quick prayer “I want to share my faith, please give me the wisdom to know just the right thing to say to him. Amen.”
Then quickly the barber came out with his razor knife in one hand and a Bible in the other while saying “Good morning sir. I have a question for you… Are you ready to die?”

funny joke



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