Make Green Slime for Prank this is what I teach students

Make Green Slime for Prank. Yes, this is what I teach students at school. Oh yeah I did. Check out the video below. Personally I want to try this out at home with my kids (wife won’t let me).

Make Green Slime for Prank

One of the fun things about working in a school is that you get to act like a child. Sure, the teachers were not happy when the morning news came on and the topic of the day was gross and disgusting to them. Of course, it is gross to you. You’re a teacher, your old ( I mean) proper.

But the FWE News, to me, was intended for the children. Therefore I try to find interesting ways of motivating children to learn. Besides how can I get them to listen to the school news if it’s only boring lunch menus and school announcements. I believe our schools administration understands this. Yes, I am talking to you my wonderful, smart and intelligent principal.

Slime – Prank- Oh Buggers

Make Green Slime for Prank is a title and a message that every kid will give his or her undivided attention. What child will not want to learn about science when you present it in such an enticing way? Sure, I give the usual warnings about getting your parents’ permission. Not doing the prank at school.

I am aware that this may cause a few giggles, OMG’s and a bit of an outburst in class. However, that means they are interested, listening and some will go home and try it. What other way can we so easily promote science without having to twist a student’s arm.

Why Make It a Prank

One teacher asked me. Make Green Slime for Prank. Why make it a prank? Are you promoting hijinks in school?

Well, first things first. I did give all sorts of warnings not to do it in school. Second, the goal is to motivate, inspire and entice learning. Get your head out of… I mean consider the times. We now employ and compete with YouTube to educate our children. So if a bit of tomfoolery is necessary, I say go for it.

Science class is actually fun if we have fun science going on. If you agree or differ in my opinion let me know. Leave a comment down below and share any thoughts or ideas you may have. Thank you.


Happy, crazy loving father of two who believes the world is a bit off kilter. I spend a lot of time trying to teach my children to be better than me - I hope they appreciate it.

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