What makes a strong teacher – Muscles!

Strong Teacher – Muscles! What makes a strong teacher? Muscles! That was my sort of introduction to my video but some how it all went wrong. The idea was to show case a teacher who was amazing us with weightlifting capabilities. I thought this was a good way to teach about muscles and the body. I think I went a bit over board.

Strong teacher – Muscles!

Oh My Gosh you have to check this video out. I didn’t think she could do that. It certainly blew my mind away. Who said girls are not strong. From there the script went on as seen in the video up above. The funny thing is that all of her students were now amazed and a bit frightened of their teacher.

No really, some took me at my word that she “could toss them across the room” if they made her angry. Not sure if that was good or bad.

The good thing is I was able to capture their attention in order to teach them about the body, and a brief understanding of how muscles work. However, they mostly remembered, how strong she was and that one small statement “She could toss you across the room”.

Strong Teacher – Scary Teacher

A few days later I thought I was going to have to pull the video because the “strong Teacher” told me how one of her students told another to behave. The incentive to behave was “Don’t forget how strong Mrs. Collins is. She can throw you across the room you know.”

That certainly was not the lasting impression I wanted to make. But hey, sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. I can at least say that the children learned something. If not about the body, and how our muscles work? It may possibly well be they learned to respect their teacher just a bit more. If not fear her (joking).

The question remains. How do I ever bring up the topic of muscles, without bringing up Mrs. Collins strong teacher video clip? I have to admit – she is awesomely strong.

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