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Monetize your Videos Alternative / Fliiby review. Monetize your videos, art, content? Is there a better way to make money with your videos other than YouTube? In my opinion – No! Are you mad! It’s Google, you can’t beat Google. But there is a way to make money with your video, art, or other content. After all, it is all about looking for other streams of income. Passive streams of income is what we should all be looking for. Your content, if possible, should have more than one way to make money. (see video below)

Monetize your Videos & Media

I heard About Fliiby by a review my friend Roberto Blake produced in YouTube. (* Yes in YouTube speaking about a YouTube alternative.) His goal is to offer more streams of income (and produce informative videos on YouTube). Let this expert explain how to monetize your videos, art, photo and or other content.

Monetize your Videos Alternative

Is Fliiby an alternative to YouTube? No. I signed on, went through the steps and to be honest – it does not hold a candle to YouTube. But who can. With that said it can be an alternative method to making money with your videos (or videos YouTube will not monetize since they have all these new rules). There are also ways to make create a passive income by monetizing your art, music and apparently even your eBooks. Not sure how eBooks would work I prefer Amazon – but that’s me.

Fliiby review – Monetize your media By The Affiliate Step
It can be a nice add-up to your income, and the best part is it’s passive. Once you upload files, you don’t need to do anything else. Moreso, if you embed the files on your website and have a nice amount of traffic, you can get a good amount of revenue. Read More Here

Fliiby Review: By Brok @ Full time job from home
If you have content to share you might as well get paid for it. This won’t be a huge income, but if you can accumulate 1,000s of views it’s better than earning nothing. See Review Here

How Does Fliiby Pay?

Remembering that Fliiby should be seen as a secondary “Monetize your Videos Alternative” to YouTube. It should not be your first go to plan – unless you were banned by YouTube for some reason. Just saying. Here is how Fliiby pays via PayPal (because I was testing it and afraid of sharing banking information) once your account reaches $25. It seems that they make payments monthly. You’ll earn money from the ads displayed around your content. From what I’ve seen you’ll earn $1.50-$2.50 per 1,000 views. Based on the pay rate, it’s not going to be easy to reach the cash out amount each month.

Get started: Monetize your Videos Alternative

We have strict application review process and you need to make sure your files align with our terms and content guidelines. You start by creating free account and uploading sample files. Next step, is to submit your application via form above for review. Once your application is reviewed and accepted, you will gain access to Monetization Dashboard, where you can track statistics, earnings and payments. Please note, even after been accepted into monetization program, your public files will still be subject to our review process, and failure to align with our terms and content guidelines will result in your account been blocked, payments retained and even your entire account deleted!

My Opinion:
There are always more opportunities to make money online with your content. You can monetize your artwork, music and video content. There are alternatives. You should have a “monetize your videos alternative” or other content – you don’t always have to use adsense or YouTube ads to do it. The ultimate goal should be to create multiple streams of passive income. I personally will continue to test Fliiby with minor stuff, by that I mean my quality videos will go on YouTube. Check out one of my channels Fred Wild News – tell me what you think.

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