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Money and Success, it is all based on Passion. Ask any entrepreneur or any business Guru and they usually all say the same thing, if you want to be successful you have to do what you love and love what you do. We call it passion, we call it drive but in the end it is all about “loving what you do”.

Money, Success and AdvoCare

Like a famous rapper once said: it’s all about the money. But in this case the story starts with – all about losing weight. Because after all, that is what AdvoCare is all about, losing weight, losing inches, being healthy and fit. It’s something my wife has struggled with for a long time and while I love her just the way she is – I do. It is something she has always wanted to change, and to improve on. She was told by her doctors that due to her last pregnancy she now has diabetes on top of the high blood pressure coupled with a few other ailments she already has.

So health, living a long life in order to be there for her children, and hopefully for the grandchildren is what drives my wife in her endeavors. This is why she took the AdvoCare challenge, why she was eager to join her co-workers who were participating in this challenge and have had great success in losing the weight and the inches. I am proud to say, as I mentioned in another post, that my wife not only faced her “24 day challenge”, she conquered it. She lost a total of 12 pounds and 6 inches from her waist. It was a stellar day when she completed her challenge and tried on a few dresses she had in the closet that were too small for her. She almost burst into tears when she showed me the results – “Honey look, look, they fit!”

Passion equals Success and Produces Money
This is why me being the cheap, hard to easily let go of money on any money making opportunity my wife brings me – I found it easy to say, yes, you can do this.

If passion is the secret to success and success brings money then it’s a pretty good bet that my wife can make money from promoting AdvoCare. All she needs to do is to allow her passion and her success in losing the weight, to continue to drive her. That is the model AdvoCare is built on. The company starts not by selling the “make money” business, but rather it challenges you to try it, and to see the results. Take 24 days, give it a try, do your best and when you see the results – you will want to tell other people about it. Whether you share it for free or if you make money telling others about your business, you will tell others because it worked for you.

Passion, Health, Goals
I am very proud of my wife, she has lost the pounds, she is continuing to challenge herself even further and she wants to use this success, this passion, to reach higher goals. Not just goals for better health but for financial health as well. So I commend her efforts, I will help her achieve it, I will support her by eating healthier and motivating her as she travels on this journey.

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