Money & Food – Why are they so similar

Money & Food – Why are they so similar?
When I talk about money I usually bring up the subject of food and dieting. I can’t help it. For me it is an easy correlation, it just happens to go so well together. Not because I love food – I do. But it has more to do with habits, emotions and mindset.

If you bring up food and dieting in a conversation you will hear a hundred and one thousand ways to lose weight. In fact, you will often get the diehard response. People like my brother-in-law who tried P90X and said he threw up the first day he tried it. Me personally, when it comes to weight loss, I believe that 99.99 percent of the people do not need rock hard abs. You only need to be healthy and to do that you need to eat less (eat healthy) and exercise more. Unless you’re an elite athlete, you really don’t need to do much more. That is unless you work in movies, magazines (as model) or anything that requires you to look like Superman or Wonder Woman (I loved Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in my youth).

Money & Food – correlation.

Why are money & food so similar? Well let’s take a look and you tell me if you agree with me or not. Here goes!

When it comes to food we…
Don’t track calorie intake.
Eat more than we should.
Debate trivialities about calories, diets and workouts.
Ignore proven research for momentary fads.

When it comes to money, our personal finances we…
Don’t track spending.
Spend more than we admit or realize.
Debate trivialities about interest rates, hot stocks and greedy bankers.
Listen to friends, our parents and even total strangers on Facebook instead of reading and learning about the subject: personal finance.

Can you see the similarities?
I guess that explains why my waistline never shrinks and my bank account never grows. What makes these two seemingly different things Money & Food so similar is the mentality we hold. How we think, the determination we have and our strength of will – the will to succeed despite the obstacles.

Money & Food (diet), the similarities (failures and success) are founded in our mentality. The reasons why people fail and why they succeed has more to do with how they think just as much as it has to do with, if not more than just good luck and circumstance.

Money & Food – Success?

Mentality for success sometimes has to do with…
An I can mentality: I may not have this, may not have that, the odds may be against me. I may not have the education, the looks or the pedigree – against all odds, I believe I can. I can, I will and that settles it. Most people give up before they even start because they convince themselves they can’t do something. How do you know what you can do if you do not believe you can and try.

An I don’t care attitude: Sometimes you have to ignore popular opinion. It’s not that I’m saying to ignore sound advice. What I am saying is, there are a lot of people who love to share negative opinions. What’s the old saying – misery loves company. Sometimes you need an I don’t care attitude to help you to ignore the naysayers as well as to fight against the fear of failure that can over take you. I don’t care what others may say, I don’t care if I fail – I am doing this!

A strong will and mind: Sometimes it’s not about how strong you are physically, but rather how strong willed you are. There have been people who have succeeded in life not because they were stronger than others. They succeed because they refused to give up, given and by sheer will they forced themselves to continue forward. It’s not about how many times you fall, it’s about how many times you get up. Money & Food – the will to say no to that new dress and the will to say no to that delicious extra cream filled delectable that will add thirty pounds to your waist.

A determined mind: Now this may be confused with not giving up but this has more to do with clarity of mind, purpose and goal. This world we live in is filled with distractions, options and diversions. Things are always changing. New things are constantly popping up and it is so easy to lose site of the goal, to get sidetracked and to be overwhelmed. A determined mind stays focus on the goal, is unwavering and while it is wise to tweak your plans due to changes and necessity. Success is accomplished by those who set their sights on a goal and refuse to take their eyes of the prize.

Now I could have brought up a few more mindsets but i think I proved my point. Whether you are talking about money or whether you are talking about food – in essence, everything boils down to mindset. How you think and why you should change the way you think if you want to succeed in achieving any worthwhile goal in life.

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