At my Dentist: Is it Safe? Take your time and tell me.

Is it Safe? Take your time and tell me. Is it safe? Yeah that was me at my latest dentist trip. Don’t get me wrong – my dentist and the people that work for her are AMAZING! I just couldn’t help but scare the crap out of myself as the scene from Marathon Man with Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier kept playing in my head. Here is the scene that kept running through my head.

Is it Safe – Marathon Man movie clip

Scary Dentist Trip: Is it Safe?
Again, I clearly state, my dentist and her team are wonderful people and know how to do their jobs very well. But like I confessed to my dentist – I don’t like going to the dentist and I hate pain. I guess my fear had me so tense – I was sitting there clutching my hands, squeezing them tightly trying to prepare myself for that oh so terrible moment.

I was really waiting for it to happen. That sharp searing pain to hit me all at once. I was even wondering how to yank my head away without hurting the lovely young lady who had a sharp object in my mouth. I will admit, she was nice, patient and delicate with me. But I was terrified and it did not help that all I could think about was that darn scene “is it safe?” No! It is not safe, she has a darn drill in my mouth.

Is It Safe – Script

[Szell begins to torture Babe by using a dental probe and a mouth mirror to check for cavities]

Babe: [the probe hits a cavity] Ow.

Christian Szell: That hurt?

Babe: Uh-huh.

Christian Szell: I know. I should think it would. You should take better care of your teeth. You have a…

[hits the cavity again]

Christian Szell: quite a cavity here. Is it safe?

Babe: Look, I told you I can’t…

[Szell stabs the probe into the nerve; screaming in pain]

Babe: AAH-HA! AAH! Aah!

[Babe’s painful screams and moans continues]

Karl: You thinks he knows?

Erhard: Of course he knows! He’s being very stubborn.

Babe: [Moaning in pain] Ohh, wait. Please. Please, don’t. No. No.

Christian Szell: It’s okay.

Babe: Huh?

[Szell then opens a small bottle of oil of cloves, in which he applies it in Babe’s badly aggravated cavity to kill the pain]

Christian Szell: Isn’t that remarkable? Simple oil of cloves, and how amazing the results. Life can be that simple:

[holds up the oil]

Christian Szell: Relief…

[and the probe tool]

Christian Szell: Discomfort. Now which of these I next apply? That decision is in your hands. So… take your time… and tell me… is it safe?

Babe: Please, stop. Please, stop. Please.

is it safe marothon man funny scary

FILM DESCRIPTION: Doc Levy (Roy Scheider) is an American secret agent who has been running interference between the U.S. government and escaped Nazi war criminal Szell (Laurence Olivier). Believing that Doc has stolen a valuable cache of gems, Szell emerges from his South American hiding place and heads for New York. He has Doc killed, then kidnaps Doc’s “in-the-dark” brother, Babe (Dustin Hoffman). Repeating the phrase “Is it safe?” over and over, Szell, a onetime concentration camp dentist, tries to extract information from Babe by performing sadistic “oral surgery” upon him. Babe, who still doesn’t know about the gems, escapes, breaking his own self-imposed rule of nonviolence to defend himself against his pursuers and gearing up for sadistic revenge.

TM & © Paramount (1976)
Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Laurence Olivier
Director: John Schlesinger
Producers: Robert Evans, George Justin, Sidney Beckerman
Screenwriter: William Goldman


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