Poker Face Parody by FWE Teachers

Poker Face Parody by FWE Teachers

Poker Face Parody by FWE Teachers

Poker Face Parody by FWE Teachers
The teachers at the end of the year blow off some much needed steam by having a luncheon. Over the years the event has spurned on some funny, silly and entertaining moments. Mr. Youlden hosted his own Family Feud last year – it was hilarious. “Survey Says” – you wouldn’t believe some of the answers some teachers gave. I wish I had recorded it.

This year the staff tried to outdo itself and several of the teachers agreed to participate in a talent show. Yep, this is where we get our wonderful video with our fourth grade teachers – Poker face Parody! It was hilarious “Teacher Face” parody was so funny. Sure some of the jokes were inside jokes (you have to be a teacher to know what they mean). Like “do your iReady” – is a program that the County uses to assess children in reading and math.

By far the event was a success, the teachers had a gazillion laughs and I think the best act there was the Poker Face Parody by the fourth grade teachers. I think they should take their act on the road. God I loved it!

Here are a few videos we think you will like, give them a thumbs up, leave a comment and please feel free to share the videos with friends and family. Especially the Poker Face Parody – you should really share that one with any teachers you know.

Poker Face Parody by FWE Teachers
Principal Goes to Jail
Dunk Tank Principal
Duct Tape Asst. Principal

If you enjoyed the Poker Face Parody – feel free to visit our schools FWE YouTube channel or our FWE Facebook page. We would truly appreciate all of your support – thank you so much.


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