Rich vs Poor Social Experiments videos – FAKE?

Rich vs Poor Social Experiments videos, they seem to be all the rage. At least to those who can’t see past their own bias attitude. Sure I fell for these videos in the beginning – I did. And it may be possible that one or two of these Rich vs Poor Social Experiments videos are 100% true. I believe in the kindness of strangers. Without a doubt I believe that there is good in people. I can understand that someone with nothing may “feel your pain” and want to help you as best they can. But, there is always a butt (but). Not every video can be true… check this out.

“Joe Hall blasts in the face of the collective public which are his rich versus poor experiment videos, in which, in each of them he asks a rich person for money or help and those snobs refused to fork over their hard-earned cash. He then always finds a homeless person and asks them for the same thing which they graciously give to him every single tim…”

Rich vs Poor Social Experiments videos

Rich vs Poor Social Experiments videos – you have to admit; he has a point. Of course who has the time to wonder why he has never shown a video where a poor person says – “hell no man, I aint got no cash.” After all, the poor have no cash. It would be true after all. No not once has, in these heart breaking, proving that people with money are greedy evil sons of dirt bags videos, has a poor person said no. Because poor people are good and you and I whom have money, work jobs and are a few steps away from being poor as well, don’t want to give to this rich Youtuber poorly pretending to be blind, in need or whatever.

I know, I am ranting but I can’t help it. I get judged, criticized and often ostracized by those who know me, should know my heart and my good deeds, simply because I am practical and sensible. If a homeless man came up to me and asked me for money. I would buy him a burger, a large pizza, but not give him money. Why? Because chances are it will be poorly used. I expect a junkie to go buy drugs even if he said the money was for food. Also, if a young man wearing a $20 shirt, $150 sneakers and shades wants to borrow my phone to call mommy – give me her number I’ll call for you. You’re not touching my phone stranger. But that is me.

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Rich vs Poor Social Experiments


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