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Make Money Ideas: Sometimes it seems to boggle the mind how other people can make money with such ease. Not to mention that they do it with such simple ideas. Now don’t get me wrong, I did not say it will make you millions over night or that it will not require some effort on your part. What I am saying is that you can make money with relative ease if you are creative. Here is a perfect example of what I mean – Toms Laser tag birthday party service. Let me give you some back story before I tell you the idea, my simple make money Idea on how anyone can make an extra 200-300 dollars in one day.

It all started with my son and his 13th birthday party. My wife who is always looking for new creative ways to spend money – I mean celebrate birthdays, decided to go all out for my son’s birthday party this year. Somehow feeling guilty that we haven’t done anything extravagant the last few years (as if going to Orlando and spending a ton of money wasn’t going big enough), she rented the services of Toms laser tag.

toms laser tag Make Money Ideas
Tom came to the house set up everything up and instructed everyone in how to play. I was hesitant to join in at first, a forty-five-year-old chasing after teens sounded a bit too much for me. But after seeing how much fun the first round was, I had to join in. We played for two hours and the best moment of all was when my 19-year-old daughter, during the last round of our games, looked at me and said “Dad this is the best birthday party ever”.

Make Money Idea: Toms Laser Tag

So as I sat in my room hoping I would soon die (every muscle in my body ached) I thought to myself – Tom and his Toms Laser Tag business is pretty sweet. I could see him making a good amount of money even if it was a side business. Then it hit me. Couldn’t I do the same? Couldn’t I make money simply by partnering with Toms Laser Tag business. In fact, I wouldn’t even need to partner with him, I can simply pay for his services.

Toms Laser Tag service cost $200 and 18 to 20 people can play for 2 hours. Seeing as this is a birthday party service he does not need to provide food simply the service. So why not use Toms services and in essence be an event planner? I can set up the event and charge people on an individual cost basis. If I charge each people $25 (times 20 people) that would total $500. After the cost of Toms laser tag service ($200) and the cost of $100 in food for the event, I am left with $200. That is to say I made $200 with little to no effort using someone else’s services.

You may be asking yourself who would do this? Who would pay $25 to go play laser tag?

Well anyone really. We have hundreds of thousands of people who are looking to do something interesting and fun on the weekends. Who wouldn’t, or what teenager or young adult in their twenties wouldn’t want to play laser tag. Basically it’s a fun event, you run, shoot, have a good time and to boot – you get fed. Not bad for $25 dollars. It’s totally cheaper than going to some high priced placed in Orlando Florida (or where ever your night life scene is). After all, eating at a restaurant can cost you about $20 or more and all you get is food.

Make Money Ideas toms laser tag

How to Make Money ideas

Making money is simple, we come up with ideas all the time. The problem is not in coming up with ideas or in making money. The problem comes in having confidence and courage. There are a few ways to do this. You can write up a legal contract where you partner with Toms Laser tag (or similar service in your area) where he gets business and his usual pay. While you plan, create and sell the event. Tom wins, you win and if the customer is happy – they win. That is except for the group that got slaughtered in the games (hey somebody has to lose).

Now stop to think about it:

Toms Laser Tag provides the service.
You provide the event (location and food)
[* Food can be hot dogs, Pizza, Hamburgers, anything really. The idea is to keep the cost of the food down and that it can be filling and tasty.]
Then sell these services as a packaged deal and you keep the profits.

You can even outsource the food (have a local food vendor provide the food), if you think about it, you are basically providing the services of a party planner. You are getting paid a few hundred dollars to bring together an experience, an event that will benefit a local business and a client.

So the only thing that is stopping someone from making money this way is basically fear and doubt. Fear of failure and doubt in their abilities to put this together. Here is an idea, create an event for you and your friends. See how it works out and decide for yourself if this is something you can do on the side for extra money.

Make Money Ideas


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