Supernatural meme family bonding time

Supernatural Meme It’s amazing when you really think about. The importance of family time, the bonding, the memories – these special moments are what stay with you forever. And I just can’t believe something like Supernatural a TV show about hunting witches, ghost, demons and all sorts of mythical baddies is what does it for me.

Supernatural a bonding agent?
Just what every parent hates to admit – it’s hard to relate to your young adult, teen and/or preteen. But just as my title suggest I’ve found common ground with my children in the strangest way.

The other day we were eating dinner and my daughter starts talking about a supernatural parody video she loves (it’s one of my favorites as well). We started talking about the show, the different subplots, we even created our own meme. Check it out below – our supernatural meme idea.

supernatural meme funny parody
(* You have to be a fan to understand… LOL)

Sure, as a parent it seems odd that a TV show about two brothers and an Angel killing monsters is what bonds a daughter and father. But it’s that kind of generation. It’s not like that is all that connects us, check out her driving miss daisy weird funny music choice.

I love my children and as every parent does, I worry about our bond. I struggle to teach my children everything I think is important to the betterment of their lives. So I strive to be a role model and the best example I can be and sometimes, like every good parent. The thought pops up – are we spending enough quality time together?

When they were little it was easy. They were home, they didn’t ask for much – they just wanted to play with dad. Now as they grow older things have gotten complicated. My princess is in college, my little man is becoming a man (preteen). The world seems to be trying to pull us apart, to divide us. All I want is to make sure that we stay close.

Supernatural Meme

That is how the supernatural meme came about. We were singing “Why can’t we be friends” and joking around when we suddenly both came up with an idea for a supernatural meme. It was like we went back in time, she’s my little girl sharing thoughts and ideas asking me to help her draw something on a piece of paper.

Sometimes I miss those days. Playing kitchen with my baby girl, carrying my little man. But I have to admit. Watching them grow up and having more to talk to them about. Having them share ideas, thoughts and seeing them blossom into adults. I wouldn’t give that up for anything.

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Happy, crazy loving father of two who believes the world is a bit off kilter. I spend a lot of time trying to teach my children to be better than me - I hope they appreciate it.

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