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Jellyfish has no brains animal Fun Facts

Jellyfish has no brains Fun Facts. No really, it is true! I know because one of the issues I have in creating fun interesting scripts for our Fred Wild YouTube channel. Is to come up with weird, interesting and fun

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African Lion and its mane – Animal Fun Fact

Male African Lion and its mane. Lions are the only true social cats – by that we mean large wild cats. These cats live in groups called ‘prides’ of about 3 to 25 adults. Sadly the mighty king of the

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Blue Poison Dart Frog ? Amazing Animal Fun Facts

Blue Poison Dart Frog The blue poison dart frog or blue poison arrow frog or known by its native name, okopipi. Is a poison dart frog found in a few isolated “rain forest islands” in the Sipaliwini savanna of southern

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Monster Fish Largest Brain – the Oceanic Manta Ray fun facts

Monster Fish Largest Brain: the Oceanic Manta Ray. Did you know that the best way to motivate children to learn is to share some amazing, unbelievable fun facts? Consider this interesting animal fun fact about the Oceanic Manta Ray –

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Ants Explode cruel fun fact- Camponotus Saundersi

Ants Explode cruel fun fact: Camponotus Saundersi, what a cruel way to go. Did you know about this little fun fact? Exploding ants or ants exploding – whichever way you want to put it. It is simply an interesting way

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