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Supernatural Money Tip by my Daughter

Supernatural Money Tip I know it sounds weird but it’s true. There I was and my daughter who is a huge fan of the popular cult show Supernatural is giving serious financial tips to her friend. I was mildly surprised.

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Life of Cas – Taking a Siesta

Previously I mentioned to you all that I experienced my first vacation in Orlando, specifically Independence Day. This next post focuses more on what I did for the rest of my vacation. There was so many topics to cover that

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Life of Cas – Freedom at Last

Freedom at Last I have officially been raised from perdition for almost two weeks, and in that short time I have experienced so many things! I have learned how valuable my freedom is, and even got to celebrate it alongside

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Life of Cas: The Breaking of the Dawn

The Breaking of the Dawn Hello. My name is Castiel, and I am a Pocket Pop! Angel of the Lord. All my life I was confined in a small box. I watched the world move around me through a thin

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