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Princess Finance Management Meeting – Diva Money Slug-fest

Princess Finance Management Meeting: it started with an all out Dive slug-fest. Yep, that was my Saturday morning. I am not sure when I will post this but on Sept. 3, 2016 my daughter and I agreed to have a

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Dad how do I become RICH – Oh Boy

Dad how do I become Rich? WOW! Where did that come from? OK, I shouldn’t be surprised, I have been talking to him about the subject of money for some time now. But being a child he jumps straight from

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Teach Children Money – why do this?

Teach children money – about money, why do this? That is a good question and it has nothing to do with what many people like to say. It has nothing to do with greed. Think about it, just don’t go

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Parent; being repetitive a hindrance to your children

Helping your child become a better person often takes more than a loving caring parent is willing to give. Over the years I have tried to teach my daughter, the one I call my little princess, the tools she needs

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