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Technology Parenting Tip: Catch Suspicious Children

Technology Parenting Tip: Is your child doing something online you are suspicious about? Do they close the laptop or chrome book lid when you come by? Are they quickly pecking on the keyboard or turning the screen away from you?

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Is your child missing out: Parenting help or hurt?

Is your child missing out? It’s an important question to ask because as parents we want the best for our children. We want them to have the best education as well as the best upbringing. Nevertheless, it seems that our

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Is It Safe to Shower – Say What?

Is it safe to shower? – Yeah, that is what my little girl (age nineteen) asked me. Don’t believe me. Well check out the screen shot of my phone. No this was not staged, this was real, live and in

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Sad Story: I’m afraid of the bathroom

Afraid of the bathroom: This is a story that even as I retell it causes my heart to cringe. I am not sure why but this little boy was standing there, with tears running down his face, frantically telling his

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I MADE MY MARK | TGIM – What are you doing?

I MADE MY MARK: Sometimes I wonder about what I do and why I do it. I am just like everyone else. I have my moments, I am not special and I know I am not better than others. Sure,

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