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Princess Finance Management Meeting – Diva Money Slug-fest

Princess Finance Management Meeting: it started with an all out Dive slug-fest. Yep, that was my Saturday morning. I am not sure when I will post this but on Sept. 3, 2016 my daughter and I agreed to have a

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Free Financial Lesson Plans, comic books, games OH MY

Free Financial Lesson Plans, comic books, games OH MY. Yes, it is free and I know because I just put in my order. This is actually kind of cool. I was online simply looking for some cool financial lesson plans

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Personal Finance Report #2 – This is embarrassing

Personal Finance Report #2: I promised in a earlier post “Save $500 dollars trick” (read here), that I would share with you openly how my finances were going. Sort of a personal finance report. It was – is, my way

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Save $500 with Trick – Personal Finance / Self Help

Personal Finance / Self Help If you recall (that is if you read my blog regularly). I wrote a post awhile back about trying to save $500 dollars a month to reach a goal I had set forth. I have

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