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Do gorillas talk – Silverback animal fun facts

Do gorillas talk? Silverback Gorilla Fun Facts: Have you ever been to Busch Gardens? Have you been to the Myombe Reserve? Did you know gorillas talk to each other? Yes, gorillas do talk to each other. Do gorillas talk –

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Why do cowboys wear high heels

Why do cowboys wear high heels? What? Cowboys are men – they don’t wear high heels! So then why do cowboy boots come with heels – sometimes taller than normal high heels? Yes that is what our Fred Wild News

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How to make an egg float – Is it magic?

How to make an egg float. Float in the air? No. Float in water. But eggs don’t float. Is it magic! Or is it science? A new Video for the Fred Wild News. Trying to keep these kids entertained and

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How to make a Volcano explode! erupt?

How to make a Volcano explode! erupt? Mr. Medina is getting dangerous. Oh no – it’s not dangerous – it’s fun. So what do we have on the news today? How about making a volcano explode… I mean erupt. (Same

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Jellyfish has no brains animal Fun Facts

Jellyfish has no brains Fun Facts. No really, it is true! I know because one of the issues I have in creating fun interesting scripts for our Fred Wild YouTube channel. Is to come up with weird, interesting and fun

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