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Family Fun Times – Lost Mom in store!

Family Fun Times: Why mom abandoned us in the store – it really is a funny story. It all started with a trip to Marshals to buy a gift for a friends surprised birthday party. See Full video below I

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LOL Funny Music Choice – Driving with Mrs Daisy

Funny Music Choice Sometimes I wonder about my life. Yesterday I was dancing up a storm happy about fixing a broken oven bake heating element for my stove. Yeah, I’m handy when I need to be. I replaced the garage

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Funny Kid Laughing – CRAZY FUNNY

Funny Kid Laughing – it was a regular day at the FWE News studio and we were all trying to get it right. Their fifth graders I expect mistakes, funny kid jokes, you know – kids being kids. But luckily

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Shopping Prank or Nightmare

Shopping Prank turns into a nightmare for my wife. Sure I am not a fan of shopping. I am your typical man – go in, get what I want and head out. But that is not my wife so we

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