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Birds Explode – Interesting News don’t you think

Birds Explode: Now that is an interesting news report. Several years back throwing rice at the bride and groom as they excited their wedding was banned. The reason behind it was that the rice was causing harm to the birds.

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School Fun Riddle – Having fun at The Fred Wild Elementary

School Fun Riddle – oh and you parents can play along too if you want. Can you answer this? Are you smarter than a fifth grader, fourth grader or a third grader? The riddle is: Two fathers and two sons

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Sweet Frog Cookie Dancing at The Fred Wild Elementary

Sweet Frog Cookie Dancing: We had some oh so yummy treats from Sweet Frogs and their delicious yogurt Ice cream, but the real treat was Cookie. Yes, that is correct – Sweet Frogs Mascot Cookie was in the house and

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Funny emails or email subject lines I run into at work

Funny emails or email subject lines I run into at work and my funny thoughts. Yes, I can be so funny or is that – so sick? Sometimes my wife just doesn’t get my humor. Most of the time she

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Is It Safe to Shower – Say What?

Is it safe to shower? – Yeah, that is what my little girl (age nineteen) asked me. Don’t believe me. Well check out the screen shot of my phone. No this was not staged, this was real, live and in

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