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Shark Wardrobe Malfunction – Silly Kids

Shark Wardrobe Malfunction: Nothing like taking the kids, the grown kids to Target. Of course, I can’t blame them, I didn’t want to be there and I am partly to blame. So here we are at Target and we are

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Be Wild Fred Wild – You have to see this.

Be Wild Fred Wild: Teachers using funny videos to teach important lessons. I think They did a wonderful job and some made me pee my pants (I mean LOL). Check out the Be Wild Fred Wild videos down below and

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School Fun Riddle – Having fun at The Fred Wild Elementary

School Fun Riddle – oh and you parents can play along too if you want. Can you answer this? Are you smarter than a fifth grader, fourth grader or a third grader? The riddle is: Two fathers and two sons

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Rich vs Poor Social Experiments videos – FAKE?

Rich vs Poor Social Experiments videos, they seem to be all the rage. At least to those who can’t see past their own bias attitude. Sure I fell for these videos in the beginning – I did. And it may

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Eat What & Die – funny video from son???

Eat What & Die? That is the title of my sons new YouTube video – sadly I helped him come up with the title. In my defense, it is what he told his friend while he was recording himself. You

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