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Cool Thing About Cat Pee – more fun Facts

Cool thing about cat pee! My goal in creating The FWE News is to motivate learning by bringing interesting fun facts to you our loyal YouTube listeners (please Subscribe – We would appreciate it). Sorry, where was I? We want

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Birds Explode – Interesting News don’t you think

Birds Explode: Now that is an interesting news report. Several years back throwing rice at the bride and groom as they excited their wedding was banned. The reason behind it was that the rice was causing harm to the birds.

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Funny emails or email subject lines I run into at work

Funny emails or email subject lines I run into at work and my funny thoughts. Yes, I can be so funny or is that – so sick? Sometimes my wife just doesn’t get my humor. Most of the time she

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Life of Cas – Freedom at Last

Freedom at Last I have officially been raised from perdition for almost two weeks, and in that short time I have experienced so many things! I have learned how valuable my freedom is, and even got to celebrate it alongside

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Iron Banana – What did you say son?

Iron Banana – that is what my son asked for at 9 am this morning. “Hey dad, can I you know – Iron Banana?” I am not sure why he laughed when he realized that I was totally confused, but

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